My Peaches Brings All The Boys to The Yard 🍑

^ Don’t mind my intro. Although it’s a cool arse intro!

Hmm :thinking:


Soooooooooo, this is where the cool kids have been hanging out. A bunch of the cool kids from elsewhere disappeared and things haven’t been quite the same.

It turned into a _________. Feel free to fill in the blank! :joy:

Now, my task is trying to figure out who is who!

What are the ground rules here? I’ve got a pottymouth, just sayin’!


It’s a little controversial, however, because we don’t have a Mod team, we are forced to publicly execute users of profanity at 9am every Tuesday. - Maybe just use polite/humorous alternatives to any bad words you might use usually. :slight_smile:


Ooh, a VERY familiar face. A Bitcoin Millionaire. :moneybag:

Pouts, fine then.

Can I use fruits as alternatives? Instead of using the word d*ck I could use :cucumber:.

By the way…

Want a peach? :yum:


Hmm, I wonder who’s hiding behind that peach :thinking:

I’m the forum’s :dog2: :dog: if that turns on a :bulb: #woof #woof

You can call me Raz, or even Wilson since someone put that name under my profile photo without my approval :sweat_smile: #sickworld


Actually, the forum rules have been updated so you can’t say rude words or even use pretend rude words like ship. I believe this was due to an unnamed poster who enjoyed not being creative while controversially not swearing.

What a load of bollards. Anyway, Princess Peach, I have you pencilled down as a lover of the finer emoji arts, although you’re being rather coy so far. I’d use an eggplant now, but it might be taken in all sorts of ways that I didn’t intend :angel:


The question is who do you want it to be? :wink:

Please don’t tell me :robot:. 'Cause she’s one moody biscuit.

I kinda missed my pet pooch! I can’t remember when I gave you a :meat_on_bone::bone: bone as a treat.


You could be the famous N (NV), the lovely M (FH), maybe even a popular forum :cat: (CW)

I’ve been given :meat_on_bone: :bone: by several members elsewhere, need some better clues :sweat_smile: (I suck at guessing games)


To be honest, we don’t usually talk too much about cucumbers. So far, there hasn’t been any reason to bring up any illicit appendages in our musings. Just keep things PG and you will be fine.

Alternatively, if you have cucumbers on the brain, you might want to think about therapy? :slight_smile:

See, immediately we just lost any semblance of respectability here. :scream:

I think the best thing to do is remember that this is a freelance forum, where it is not impossible that a future client might read our musings one day. In this case, it’s best to try and not post anything which you wouldn’t like your gran or a brand thinking about hiring you one day to read.


Locusta meow! :tiger:

You’re too kind. I love Princess :crown: Peach.

Now, who can this Locus :gem: gem be? Two names come to mind.
I’ll read more of your posts to put :two: and :two: together. :smile:

It sucks when emojis are banned. Isn’t that like lame? What the finger sticks.


All too true. There’s a fine line between fun and puns and crying before teatime. Uncreative bad words are the worst, simply because there’s no desire to have fun with the language, or find a fun way around rules. It’s just spitting out ineffectual word bombs. This is probably what everyone’s granny means when they say something like, “Swearing isn’t big or clever and it shows that you have a limited vocabulary”

WIth that said,

What the finger sticks

For example, is glorious. :+1: and I am adding it to my vocabulary right now.


Quite the list you’ve got there.

Woofy have you been a naughty or nice boy. I’ve heard you’re the ladies man.

Aye, aye, Captain!

This place is calm. A good thing!

I see the meksell peeps haven’t found this place, I’m sure it’s only a matter of time. :weary:


Please no! :slightly_frowning_face:

Actually,I might be one of those myself now? Joking - I’d never stoop to the depths of a mesell!


Oh, I don’t know - there’s no real benefit to posting here for a meksell. If you’re going to copy and paste Google search result #1 for “why you need a business logo designed by a professional desinger” into a forum then sit back and wait for the sales to roll in, there are better choices.

Not great choices. But better. Imagine how upset they must feel when an obnoxious person comes to undo all their hard work with boring old concepts of professionalism and rules! Either way, I feel that we can enjoy this meksell-free Eden for now.

Just don’t eat the :apple:.


The avatar gave it away.

You’re far from a MS. You’re more than that… Kinda like ROYALTY! :wink:

Nice to see you here!

@Locusta Did some reading… My hunch is very strong but still not 100% sure. :grin::gem:


Let’s just say my (un)creative use of emojis on another forum got me sort of banned for a year, but it wasn’t until I trod on some delicate toesies that I really got reiched out.

No crystals were involved :slight_smile:



It is YOU!

My hunch was right. :heart_eyes:

That situation was messed up.

Memba the uninvited guest? :rage: :tired_face:

Man, it sucked. We were all mad like wet :chicken: hens.


Our special guest continues to do what got me into so much trouble, which is a little bit annoying. I did like it when his last thread flopped and he had to get some other elder in for a risible testimonial though.

Ah well, never mind. Hardly worth going there anymore tbh - it’s really declined lately.


Hi… :upside_down_face:


Really, that’s really sad. I mean considering the title and all, the uninvited guest should be busy doing other things. Too much time on those sticky hands. It’s nice that you found this place, too.

I heard you were running things on another popular platform. Stayed away though, 'cause I ran into some creepy characters. Didn’t want to mix~n~mingle! :dizzy_face:

So much has happened since your departure. You’re still LOVED and missed by many.

The other place feels dauntingly eerie, don’t ask me why!:sweat_smile:

Mmmm, hello there.

Now I wonder who? :blush:


They were in IMG though, which is basically Spam Prison II. I was hoping someone would just for a breath of fresh drama, but no dice. Next time, someone please do it!

It’s OK. I got all the auto filters on so it’s really hard to get spam past it. Of which there is a lot every day. Luckily, their system doesn’t tell you when it’s had enough of your spamming peach and shows it on your account as normal. Very few people bother to check incog, and I deal with the rest swiftly if they bother me in my inbox. Overall, very lowkey and easy mod job.

I reckon the other forum would do well to squash the meksell posts too. Nobody benefits from a forum full of meksells and meksell (self-)congrats posts. Sigh.