My ❤ Attention Getting Fiver Videos (Made me Click!)

Okay, videos & voice overs - either we get it or not! On Fiverr, there are hundreds of thousands to choose from, so where do you go from there? As I was clicking searching, some of these videos caught my eyes, because the first picture was unique and vibrant!

I have a very short attention span so if the first 3 seconds (yup, that short) isn’t any good I move on, but these made me stay. What do you think?

Fiverr Username: Blublu Studios - This guy is really really good. I like the music, the sound, the color and attention-grabbing fun video. No, I can’t afford him but golly - I wish I could. :slight_smile:

Fiverr Username: igloocreative - This one has a great voiceover, great animation, vibrant colors and funny as heck video. Any kids or grown-ups would want to watch. I can’t afford him either, but if I could, I’d buy!

Other gigs I :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Fiverr Username: troywhudson - I just really like his voice

Fiverr Username: James3d - Talented

Fiverr Username: Reddhorrocks - I like her accent

Fiverr Username: alliemadison12 - She just looks and feels genuine. I’ve been thinking about hiring her.

Fiverr Username: tamerak - I just really like her. She is another seller who looks genuine, friendly and love her voice. Considering hiring her.

Fiverr Username: esaudio - This is just funny. I am getting this one.

Fiverr Username: Leahemme - I just like her voice.


I have never thought to cruise the VO accounts. Thanks for sharing.