Multitasking - Should we do it?

Lately, it’s getting a lot tougher for me to juggle between multiple fronts. Most of you know that I am a college student, that I work on a couple of platforms, and yes I do have a personal life too.

Last year it wasn’t like this, as I felt somehow motivated to do all of the things at once, now I do have some odd feeling that the college (uni) gives me some strange pressure, and I don’t even have the strength to open the book and start studying seriously. I just hate the fact that I am studying for a midterm test on the subject “Irrigation and Soil Quality” while I can read a different book focused on design, marketing, and business in general. Which would actually help me improve my “real” skills which can make me more competitive as a freelancer.

If you don’t remember, last year around this time, I had a breakdown from overworking myself, and it took me a couple of months to recover. While in recovery, I lost my level on Fiverr and got a couple of negative reviews because I didn’t deliver on time, then there was a bug which made my orders disappear. It was super-tough for me, and ever since I am not able to get at the same sales numbers as I did before. This is one of the main reasons why I am scared to multitask as I used to do.

Mostly, the hobbies that I do help me a lot - walking, running, gaming, watching tv series and et cetera. They help to clear my mind. I do travel, but not that often, maybe 3-4 times a year, and those are the periods that I look forward to all the time.

One of the solutions that came to my mind isn’t dropping out of college, but instead just putting less effort and not keeping my grades as they are at this moment, and just put my college in second place.

Seriously, guys what do you do when you are in similar situations, should I try my best to multitask, or just put my college in a second place, and not putting that much effort in it.

No, no, no…quit everything else, focus on your college. Get your degree. Then you can do whatever you want with your life. Just get your damned degree and do well in your exams for now. You can pick up freelancing later. If I were your age, I would treat freelancing as the last resort. I would get a job, get some experience and then start a business. And yeah, get married in your 20s, don’t wait too long, have 2-3 kids. Practise your religion, go to church or whatever. Be a traditional family man and business owner in these crazy times. That is how you win in life. All the best!


That comes to my mind too, but there are not many jobs with my college degree, at least none in Macedonia, okay at least the ones that are paying great. One of the options, was to get a Bulgarian citizenship (they have a loophole in the system), and by that I would gain EU citizenship which would give me more options to work and do business across Europe.

Freelancing is the most unstable thing ever, one month you are making $2000+, and then the next one you are making just $200.

The other things, I do agree with you! :slight_smile:


A smart kid like you should have done engineering.


I understand science, and physics, and those nature stuff but just the theoretic part.
When it comes to math, I have the same intelligence level as Borat. :kazakhstan: :wink:

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I’ve been there. It’s hard juggling college and work. I suggest you throttle back your school - other words, take less classes.

Don’t stop completely, you will regret it. Like, Investor said, finish school, it’s worth it.

I don’t know about the marriage thing this early in your life. I’m on my phone, which is painful typing.

Going on a plane so I’ll see ya in few hours.


Have a safe trip, Gina!

Why not, the Macedonian government gives a lot of benefits :stuck_out_tongue:

Party time, then!

Safe trip! - And may you win the armrest war!


Safe travels, Gina. Are you going anyplace fun? :thinking:

Yes, I remember that. :slightly_frowning_face:

I am careful what types of activities I a doing when I multitask because usually I end up making mistakes! :open_mouth:

What is your degree in? My brother-in-law’s doctorate was in range management. He had a hard time finding a job where he would not have to move off of the continent. He ended up working in Canada as a college professor, but Africa was one place he was looking at.

Not me. But I do live in a state that many people from all over the world vacation in and many movie stars have second homes here. It is pretty beautiful.

I have mixed feelings about when to get married. I guess when you find the “one” then it will happen. Just remember, you have your whole life to be married. Make sure you have done all that you want to that you cannot do when you have a family before you get married.

If you are not in a rush to get you degree taking fewer classes is a good option. That way you can relax a bit and not stress out.

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My degree is in agricultural economics, which is in demand here but only as an administrative worker, which I definitely hate.

Remember, I would go to Montana at some point and take the midnight cycling tour (climbing the moon, was it?).


It is called the Glacier Park Midnight Moonlight Ride. It is done on the night there is a full moon and clear skies. :full_moon: