Multiple Orders From Overly Enthusiastic First Time Buyers

How do we feel about this?

A rhetorical question for people on Fiverr, since I feel fairly safe saying that this is generally very stressful:

  • Oh no, what if they hate one job and screw me with awful reviews on everything?
  • Oh no, they’ve just announced that they were unhappy with everyone else they worked with!
  • Dayum, they misread that gig completely and now I have to gently steer them back on course
  • Yikes, why do they think that I’m so awesome - what if their expectations are beyond what I do?
  • OMG plz stop hyping me up I’m already making mental calcuations of how much a worst-case scenario pans out for me in the levels BS
  • PLEASE stop telling me not to worry about deadlines when you’ve ordered what feels like half of my basic Gigs and don’t understand that the ticking clock is srs and I don’t want to ask for extensions because of the review, and STOP telling me your own timeframes!
  • Wait, I’m your last chance to “make it”? Dude plz stahp talking
  • No, I don’t want every file, folder, document, image, whatever you’ve ever farted out to ‘check’ so I get this pitch perfect. You didn’t buy my wildly overpriced extra for that stuff to discourage you, and I know because you spread the love over multiple Gigs and despite wild overexpectation you won’t cough up, but I gotta please you and OMG I wanted a relaxing week without this stress of having to figure out how to say now without risking you turning into an angry Shrek

Freelancing is fun! I’m sure it will be fine, but honestly… I’m just a writer. And I could do without all this nonsense rattling through my head.

Is it so hard for people to just act normally? Who even goes and buys multiple gigs from untried people anyway? Whether it’s $5 or $100, it makes 0 sense to me, and it’s just stupid and stressful because of the way Fiverr works.

So, consider this a moan, but if anyone wants to add their own moan or suggest ways to mitigate the dangers these kind of clients present, this is the place. I’m just going to have to overdeliver on every single front, cross my fingers and hope for the best. Then, block or educate depending on the review. I am NOT anyone’s last chance saloon savior!

EDIT: You can also call me a whiny lil b :slight_smile:


Hi Whiny lil E, :wink:

Well, maybe WE should tell them something like “how about you see how our first experience goes and based on that, we proceed to next orders?” Honestly, I would be VERY uncomfortable working with some over-enthusiastic buyer for the first time and that too, multiple orders.

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You’re not whining. :slight_smile:

I’ve had similar cases. One buyer ordered 6 (or was it 8?) scripts at once, all within the same order (and we know what can happen if he doesn’t like one of them…), for the same company (pest control, something like that). Never bought from me before. Fortunately, it turned out fine, and at a later date, he did the same thing again.

Another one needed 19 scripts, I suggested we try with one first, he agreed. He liked that one, I told him that he could order multiples if he wanted, and asked him not to order all of the scripts he wants within one order. Well, he didn’t order them all within one order, because the maximum of multiples was 15. He ordered 15 + 3. Yay. Fortunately, he liked them all.

And then, there was this one buyer who insisted on having both the blurb and the title suggestions delivered at the same time. She couldn’t just order one, and then not place the second order if she didn’t like what she got. All right, she could, but she didn’t. And then she didn’t like the blurb, and didn’t like the title suggestions… At least it inspired me to rewrite gig descriptions, and explain that I can’t guarantee that they’re going to fall in love with the results of a brainstorming gig, and that, maybe, the suggestions will simply inspire them to come up with the title they’d love on their own (that’s what happened with her).

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Oh, I know it’s a whine, but it’s nice to get it off my chest. But yes, there are so many things that can go wrong that I’m just itching to get all this done ASAP. I do have all the information I need now, so tomorrow is going to be a long day of being perfect and amazing and :face_vomiting:.



Mind you, with my… I had this slogan brainstorming gig - I figured that it couldn’t be that hard. Worst gig ever, including a super-patronizing one that basically said:


I closed the gig after too many people like this and creating ridiculously long overdelivery files which (I think this was a mistake, looking back on it) explanations of what brainstorming is and how I was happy to work with them to etc. and of course everyone has a different opinion.

God, slogan people are the worst.

My last buyer like the one I’m moaning about now actually went as far as to create a color-coded document of all my errors. He was Finnish. His errors were not errors. Very stressful and unfun, but I was quite pleased that I’d convinced him his English was so good and superior to mine that he spent hours color coding my writing (there was one typo, mind - I fixed that ASAP before the entire country of Finland was enrolled to #writershame me - yes, he passed my dreadful writing around to multiple experts in writing. Because that’s what you do, isn’t it).

He didn’t leave a bad review though, so he’s cool.

I just don’t understand why people can’t think normally when it comes to people offering professional services. If I was amazing as my reviews and my marketing say I am, surely I’d be selling for tens of thousands of dollars because I sell stuff effortlessly. It doesn’t work that way!

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You shouldn’t work with anyone like this before making them pass a basic :poop: head test.

Before you start work, send some kind of “Hi, you are new” message. In it, explain that because of time differences etc, you sometimes can’t respond to messages instantly. Ask buyers to also go over their brief again to check it is accurate, as you do not offer FOC revisions if it is not.

Then drop in the F-U bomb of "Also, please keep in mind that while you may request revisions on orders, you may not use any work delivered by me in any capacity if an order is canceled after delivery. To date, I and Fiverr have a 100% success rate seeking compensation from web hosts when this happens.

Just make it sound like a passing mention of a frivolous detail, not a direct accusation of "THIEF!"

Usually, if a buyer does have less than honorable intentions, they will cancel orders or betray these at thios point.

Oh, I always casually mention that it’s usually super late in the evening or that they had contacted me at 3am when so to be aware of the time difference. That’s rarely an issue.

I don’t think I can use that line though. I just sense an invisible barrier of “I can’t say that”. I do, admittedly, seem to have more protection from such buyers, which helps, though. (i.e. chargebacks haven’t been an issue and very few instead - I think I had one last year). My worry isn’t that, it’s the darn reviews and ridiculous expectations.

Incidentally, over on reddit some guy made a post saying that custom orders now have a compulsory revision (i.e. the no revisions option isn’t there anymore) - haven’t checked it myself, but that’s what some random guy on the internet said, so it might be true. Bit annoying. I suppose it’s nice they fixed the revisions by not doing the one thing everyone wants?


There’s no option to choose 0 revisions. Or unlimited, for that matter, I think that the maximum is 20. Still, if you leave it as it is and choose nothing, there’s no mention of revisions in the custom offer.

Fantastic, another clueless newb post on my subreddit :frowning:

Well, since you can’t choose 0 revisions, it can look like you’re forced to offer at least 1.

But if you don’t mess with it, then it shouldn’t give a 1 default, right, just 0? I know it didn’t, but what I got from this guy was that the default had changed to 1.

FINE I’M CHECKING. This is default:

This is what you can do: (cancelled because v. awkward screenshot - try it, you’ll see what I mean)

This is ‘select’:

There is indeed no 0, but I guess OP on reddit didn’t chance his luck with menu field select. I can’t test whether this works or not until I have a buyer with no revisions, though. Which should be next week, so I shall update you on this thrilling potential non-issue then (unless someone else does first).

I’ve also just noticed the optional. I’ve just checked the post again.

So now I’m thinking I’m the idiot with scare stories. But it is rather a convoluted explanation, isn’t it? Never mind the uselessess of this update, but that’s another story. Anyway - I am going to bed, as I have to get through the original complaint tomorrow so I want to be a fresh daisy, not a wilted one.

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I hate it when buyers find out about Fiverr’s loophole that purchasing 10 quantities of 1 gig forces the seller to deliver 10 orders with the same deadline as 1 order, instead of placing 10 separate orders each with their own deadline :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: (OK, I guess it’s more of a Fiverr-design problem than a buyer problem, but oh – how buyers love to abuse this specific design problem!)

As stated in a previous thread, how friggin’ hard can it be to extend the delivery date based on quantities chosen on a gig?! It’s a simple multiplication for crying out loud!

P.S. oh, yeah, and not only this, but Fiverr’s fees made it so that they force buyers to take this approach and abuse this design problem even more!

*We can’t fix it because we ran out of mathematicians, so we’re just going to add more fees and encourage buyers to make this a normal buying habit rather than something that needs to be fixed - moving to “Awesome Buying Features”, happy selling!*

It could easily go over 30 days, so it’s not that simple.

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