🎥 Movies/TV Show Recommendations: What are some of your favorites? 🍿

This thread is dedicated to Movies/TV shows recommendations.

Try to avoid spoilers out of courtesy.

Lately, I’ve been obsessed with watching British shows. In fact, I’ve been toying with the idea of purchasing the Brit Box thingy. :smile: When it comes to movies and TV shows my taste is very eclectic.

Downton Abby is pretty good.

@Razvan and I are huge The Walking Dead Fanatics. I’m still behind grrr lots of catching up to do.

Fear The Walking Dead.

A couple weeks back, I watched a few episodes of Dexter.

@TheFreaky I’ve told you this before but you totally resemble Dexter LOL. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, you and Raz had told me a couple of times.

Currently, I am watching “The Witcher” and wait for “The Blacklist” to start airing again. I am mostly into gaming in the last couple of months. :joy:


We just finished watching The Witcher and we are partial to the BBC channel and are looking forward to the next season which does not come out until December.
After watching this YouTube Video, I may start reading the book series.

We also enjoyed Poirot and watched the whole series, and it had many episodes.

We watched all of the MidSomer Murders series on Netflix and now we are watching the remaining series on Acorn.


Awesome selection Mrs. @glacierlily! I’ll search for these titles on Netflix and add it to my queue.

Another show I like is Dating in the Dark. I’ve watched the British & American versions. One Saturday I was binge watching the full episodes on YT. It’s hilarious but an interesting concept. :sweat_smile:


And obviously, play The Witcher games :rofl:

Do you know that the original Witcher show aired years ago in Poland? Geralt is actually skinny in the books and in the Polish series.

And in the original game.

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Acorn is also all Brit TV and I think a bit cheaper? Do you stream? We started in January. I am amazed at how much we saved and at the selection that Roku has for free. We stream YouTubeTV.

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Ooh, I never heard of this one. Brit Box is $6.99/mth I believe. Not too shabby!

I’m an avid streamer, especially with my current schedule. Streaming is my life! I just don’t have time to watch stuff on a set timetable.

I stream with the following services.

1. Netflix

2. Hulu (free with my cable and internet provider)

3. Vudu

4. Amazon Prime Video

How much do you pay for YT TV?

$50 and Acorn is $6 additional. We also have Netflix and Amazon Prime.

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Here is our list of series. I might be forgetting other cool series because they are on the break right now :see_no_evil:

  1. I’m a big fan of Doctor Who
    (Thought they really ruined it in a last season)
  2. For all man kind (Apple TV)
  3. Black mirror (I watch it only with my husband because alone I get too depressed :joy:)
  4. The crown
  5. Castle Rock
  6. Scandal
  7. how to get away with murder
  8. @glacierlily you might like this one : Murdock Mysteries
  9. Umbrella academy
  10. Money heist (was good to watch on a weekend for a change)
  11. Mandalorian
  12. Chernobyl
  13. Succession
  14. Mr Robot
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Here’s the list of the series I’ve recently watched (or am watching now):

  1. Carnival Row (sort of like migrant crisis, but in fantasy setting and with fantasy beings; Guillermo del Toro was supposed to work on it, and it shows)

  2. The Witcher (I don’t think Cavill was the right choice for that role, but overall, the series turned out to be a pretty decent adaptation)

  3. Downton Abbey

  4. The Boys (superhero deconstruction, and a pretty good one, too)

  5. Euphoria (self-destructive teenagers; emotional, often actually fun (though sad at the same time), and really, really good)

  6. Big Little Lies (really good actors)

  7. Dracula (the new one, aired this year, done by BBC; I loved it; wonderful British humor, and Dracula is finally not an unhappy romantic in love, but a cheerful psychopath; oh, and there’s sister Agatha Van Helsing, and she’s awesome)

  8. Mandalorian (still watching it, baby Yoda is super-cute, the rest of the series not so much; I know a lot of people love it, but to me, the humor and pretty much everything else seems to be targeting little kids, and not in a good way)

  9. Castle Rock (I liked the first season better, but the second one wasn’t bad, either)

  10. The Good Place (currently watching the third season; in the afterlife, you go either to The Good Place or to The Bad Place; the man character gets into The Good Place, but she immediately realizes that she was mistaken for someone else (it’s in the very beginning, so not a spoiler), and desperately tries to avoid being sent to The Bad Place; and it’s only the beginning, this comedy series develops into a lot more, and is actually a really good series about ethics)


I forgot to mention His Dark Materials. It’s a YA fantasy series made after the books of Philip Pullman, but he treats his young readers as very, very smart, and it shows in the series (where he happens to be the executive producer) too. Now, it can be somewhat confusing if you haven’t read the books, but it’s all nicely explained by the end of the season.


Does anyone watched this movie?

It just got nominated for two Academy Awards - and it is from my country. I just heard on the news about this movie and it seems it got some awards on Sundance Film Festival too. I don’t know how I haven’t heard about this movie earlier.

I have to watch it tonight.


We are watching that one too! [quote=“TheFreaky, post:12, topic:594”]
Does anyone watched this movie?

Sadly, I have not been to many movies this year.

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It is on Hulu in the US.

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Here’s another fun one: What We Do in the Shadows.


Peaky Blinders (@KissMyPeach, you’ll love the accents!), pretty good and very enjoyable for those who love British crime series. I’ve seen the first season, and I’ll probably watch the rest at some point.

Messiah was an interesting one, interesting premise, good actors, would have been a lot better with better storytelling.


We love Peaky Blinders!

I got himself some of this for Christmas:

A 6th series has been commissioned! :slightly_smiling_face:


It does look interesting.

We enjoyed that one too.


Here’s another great one: Altered Carbon (there will be a second season, too, in February)

(The series is much better than the trailer)


I have watched the first season when it released on Netflix. I have to agree it is a great TV show and the VFX are good.