Micro jobs, is it the wave of the future?

It seems microjobs are everywhere, in almost every nitch. Most can be done online as long as you have a computer and internet.

I was searching for editors/proofreaders to see what is available other than Scribendi, 5r, etc.

I got a while slew of sites, the problem is, just like Fiverr, I don’t know their credentials. Unlike Scribendi, where they clearly test each person for their abilities & skills, most of these sites do not guarantee any satisfaction.

I wish the good, honest type sellers were easier to spot. I’m tired of wasting money and spending time searching for the goldmine.

I do believe microjob is the wave of the future, something that can be done anywhere and at anytime. The question is, how do YOU, as a professional stand out among the wanna be.

Why? Would you happily make a living completing microjobs?

I started freelancing on Clickworker. It was ok as an “I’m just experimenting and don’t really need the cash” kind of job. Seeing it as anything else is just silly.

The microjob market is a content mill come ponzi scheme. Sign up, start doing some orders (average pay $0.25 - $5), then get more orders the more orders you complete. Take a break or have a single less than satisfied customer, and you immediately get fewer orders. Someone else just behind you gets them instead. Then someone behind them and so on.

Overall, the premise of a microjob is fine. However, in practice, it might as well be called Slave Trade Part Deux.

I’d say it was ok, 5 -10 years ago. However, now most people want to hire someone for a microjob, but few actually want a microjob completing. I just hired someone to install a new SSL certificate on my website. That is a microjob. However, the vast majority of microjob clients would add something on to that by saying something like: “Great! And can you install a new sitemap too?” Or “I need to speed up my page loading time, if you can do that, I’ll mark this as complete asap.”

Most if not all such problems arise because clients know that they can get away with making such requests, imagine you charge $5 because you can pay the mortgage with that where you live. (And should be eternally grateful.) - Or they (like most people who hire micro workers) are resellers.

As for how you as a professional stand out on a microjob site… Basically, the magic trick is to have a UK or U.S. location. :):wink:

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Have you searched “microjobs” on google lately?

There are many that are in existence, where I am only familiar with sites like Legit, 5r, PPH, etc. I don’t think that the sites I’ve been using are true micojob sites.

At this point, Fiverr can no longer be considered a micro site as the prices range up to thousands of dollars with PRO gigs. At this point, there are way more gigs that are above $20 than are not.

My definition of a true micro site is where a gig can be completed in a few hours to max a day or two at the longest. As an example, I go to a site, make a $10 order to have two pages of an article proofread.

The site post the job request on their site for a list of vetted sellers to take; first come first serve. They do the job, gives it back and as soon as the client accepts, they get paid.

The company takes full responsibility for chargebacks and such. The freelancers when done is done and everything is anonymous - where in 5r it’s semi anonymous.

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IDK. Microjobs usually aren’t the kind of jobs you would even categorize as $5 Fiverr jobs.

Just some results from an impromptu Google search:


I don’t think Fiverr has ever really promoted itself as a micro jobs platform. A microjob usually takes just minutes to complete. Moreover, the only 100% reputable platform I know where sites take full responsibility for the quality of deliveries and chargebacks is Writing Bunny. Writing Bunny is not exactly a budget platform though.

I’m actually working on an article at the mo for my site detailing what I see as the perfect freelance platform. My idea is freelancers pay $200 to list services for 6-months and all payments are settled in cryptocurrency. Once I have it finished, I’m going to pitch it to some crypto insiders with the idea of them creating such a platform. (If they wanted to hire me as an advisor, that would be grand).

Maybe as a buyer of freelance services, you could list a few points which you would like to see on your kind of ideal freelance platform?


A $10 microjob that can take max a day or two? :scream: That sounds too much time for a just-$10 microjob, but it does sound like Fiverr in its early days :stuck_out_tongue:

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Don’t be so ungrateful. It still works out at $0.20 an hour. :wink:

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Ha, ha, ha! That is not what I meant but okay! :grin:

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