Merry Christmas Everyone!

Well, it is almost the anniversary of the birth of our dearly beloved Santa Claus. To be honest, I am having a low-key Christmas. Just me and a couple of friends, a dead goose, a fridge full of beer, and possibly some incomprehensible arguments with the neighbors.

That said, I am looking forward to it. If nothing else, it’s a proper day off.

Wherever the rest of you are and however you plan on celebrating, I wish you all the best and hope you have a fab time. :slight_smile: :christmas_tree::christmas_tree::christmas_tree::christmas_tree:


Thank you, Andy! Merry Christmas to you and to every forum member which celebrates it.

Our Christmas in Macedonia (Eastern-Orthodox) is on 7th of January.


I did not know this! I really need to discover more about Eastern Orthodox Christianity. For some reason I feel drawn to that side of things and Orthodox countries in general. Thank you, for gifting me this piece of information.

To return the favor, don’t ever believe anyone who tells you that Santa was created by Coca Cola. He’s actually the result of old Eastern European/Baltic shamanic practices. Namely, one where you feed red and white spotted fly argaric mushrooms to reindeer, drink their wee, and have a crazy out of body experience. - Or if you have a bad trip, get eaten by a demon. Hence why you have a red and white Santa flying around on magic reindeer; and why in more grumpy parts of Germany, you have the much less merry Mr. Krampus.

Of course, I would’t recommend tripping on fly argaric yourself to see how accurate this information is. :wink:


:christmas_tree:Merry Christmas to you all! :christmas_tree:
Hope you have a wonderful time with your friends & family! :santa:


If I am correct not all Eastern Orthodox countries use the Gregorian calendar. For example, in Bulgaria, Romania, and Greece - they celebrate Christmas just as you do.

Eastern Orthodox Christianity, at least the one that we have in Macedonia has some elements of paganism. Although the Church doesn’t approve of them, they somehow have gotten into our religion. I guess those are some old Slavic rituals. To be honest, I have never done a lot of research on my religion as well.

The head of the Macedonian church is a scandalous person, caught in a couple of affairs, selling church property for a bribe, buying a yacht with church money, and etc. A fun fact, the priests make enormous salaries here, most of them drive brand new cars (which is a rare thing here). They overcharge for Christening and other services that the church does offer.


Corruption and scandalousness seems to be endemic in all churches. Here on Malta, we have 80+ priests who have been charged with that big bad thing priests are known for. The crazy thing is, most people refuse to believe even the most evidence-based accusations.

Incidentally, a friend who is coming to dinner tomorrow lives in a house which is part of the Cathedral citadel on my island. His parents took out a 100-year lease on it which has 50-years left. However, my friends girlfriend died a few years ago and he had a breakdown. As soon as he did, the church swooped in to try and claim his house back. They have even caused severe structural damage by renovating the buildings to either side, in order to try and force him out. (Last year he didn’t have a roof.)

Personally, I am a Christian. However, there is a huge gulf between most church doctrines of Christianity and what the New Testament at least espouses as the best way to live your life.

Of course, I am not a religious bigot.

As for corrupt priests…

Nuns especially terrify me. There was a convent in my old village, which looked like an abandoned building. It wasn’t abandoned though. For two weeks in summer, the nuns would come and sit outside gossiping and being needlessly nasty.

Once I and my ex lost my dog after he ran away because of some fireworks while we were having a BBQ. He had run in the direction of the convent. In this case, I asked one of the nuns if she had seen a small dog run past. She said yes, but pointed me in the opposite direction to which he had run. Then she grabbed me by the wrist like an emaciated vulture of misery and said, "but don’t worry, you can get a new one."

I kind of like the idea of the Orthodox Church as it seems less scandal-ridden and genuine. (Or at least it did until I read your reply.) Maybe, though, I should just set up my own… :slight_smile:

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Did someone mention priests and Orthodox churches? Well, let me just say that a lot of the priests in my country are filthy corrupts and gay-pedo… I won’t say that last word out loud, although they fully deserve the bad image for all the things and wrongs they did to choir children and apprentices :cry:

They are filthy rich, and for some reason God tells them to golden everything: their luxury cars, their scepters, their clothes, their latest smartphones, their laptops, every inch of the church, and when people need help they all hide and refuse to help :roll_eyes:

Oh, and they’ve started baptizing luxury cars, luxury offices, yachts, celebrity dogs, whatever they get money from :expressionless:


That said, Merry Christmas y’all :smiley:


Yeah, best avoid the priesthood.

The easy way to catch them out is to point at all the stained glass and sculptures and say, "aren’t those graven images?"

It’s quite sad, really. - I could rant on for hours about corruption here. As it is, most of the time I’m shocked by how no one else ever mentions it and awed by just how much power a man in an H&M summer dress can wield.

Merry Christmas!



Everyone! :christmas_tree::gift:

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Merry Christmas from the good old USA everyone. I’m off to do that holiday thing.

Be happy and snuggle with someone you love. :green_heart: