Megapigs marketplace is piggy good in my opinion

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like always just helping out a new business with good future prospects

Pull the other one - it has bigger bells on it, and you’re spamming in the hopes of gaining something.

This is not an effective way to market anything, It simply looks like spam. You’ve made zero effort to contribute to the community and add value, and instead chosen to spam your site with a very poorly written wall of text that ain’t nobody going to bother to read.

My opinion is that this is nothing than spam, and curiously, with no affiliate link. This leads me to believe one of three things:

  • This is your site, and you don’t know how to market properly
  • This is not your site, but someone has paid you something like .10c to post some random copypasta garbage to ‘get backlinks and views’. Or even clicks. Who knows.
  • You’re attempting to use the MP affiliate program (link) - but have failed to use your affiliate code

Either way, the site is a 10-a-penny Fiverr ripoff that I wouldn’t be surprised to see mine and other established sellers’ stolen, plagiarized gigs on, not to mention nobody appears to have had a job yet.

Nice logo, too

0/10 - Try harder on every front next time and read some books on how to market effectively: your skills are terrible at the moment. HTH. BTW, a random Roblox profile ranks hire than MP on Google for me. Unfortunate.


to feature your job it is currently extremely cheap to do for a month only $5 so probably worth to do it before the press release is released, because of bringing in some new sellers to their marketplace they made me VIP

Ah, you’re hustling for people to pay $5 to “feature” on a no-mark, no-name platform, and then somehow getting VIP status despite not using your affiliate code. Cool story. The real issue here hinges around how a magical press release is going to bring a flood of customers in. It likely won’t, if they go for the usual PR package.

Given this attempt at promotion, I’m sure they will.

The problem is, those distributed sites are ones that nobody reads, which get little SEO value (think nofollow etc) and uh, merely fill in the coffers of the platforms doing the distro. This article explains some of this - I am sure you can find more if you’re interested (don’t worry, I know you’re not).

Worth noting that most positive articles on PR will come from people who are infinitely better at marketing than you and usually have a related service to sell. Like I said, you need to learn how to market.


hi, i am sorry if i did something wrong, i just wanted to post about it, sorry about that let me remove it then, i do not want to spam or anything, just helping out

thanks anyway i guess i do not know but i do think you are rude, i am not a writer just thought to help someone out nothing else all the things you said is wrong i am not being paid or anything like that, i am just like that to help out people if that is wrong or unbelievable than you should try it once it feels good, i requested for removal, please next time you can say it in a nicer way, there are many ways to say something but things like, no worries i know you are not, can be left out because you do not know me at all, always eager to learn. so you wrong there too… i do not think it is a rip off, but i guess NEGATIVE people like you with issues (it seems) will always be like that to just destroy someone’s start up for no reason after they worked hard on it… sad but true, sorry for your issues. and no forget we all human

thanks for this very kind of way to say welcome to mybuzzforum… (I advice you work on that)

Come on, a man goes for a sleep - and in the morning he finds Meksells. :zipper_mouth_face:


And I think you’re rude for entering a forum and spamming it with your first post.

If you want a nice welcome on a forum, try introducing yourself like a normal person instead of an MLM crackhead, which is what this post effectively came off as.

(that was me being rude, to clarify).

EDIT: That’s 2 forum regulars now who think you’re a spammy person.


i am sorry i am just a descent person and if i did something wrong fine, but seems they forgot to learn you manners in every way, there are a million ways to say something and you just choose over and over again a very negative way, i am just happy i am not like that. i did not mean anything wrong at all even if you see it like that i have it very busy and you just made your point so is ok, for me i am fine with your opinion that was 80% wrong but that can happen… there are still people that help other people, just so you know… that being said… i will maybe look over it one day i do not want to harm any company or person what so ever… my bad that i do not have any skills of writing something… can not know everything thank you anyway for pointing things out, appreciated and wish you al lthe best

no reply needed , i will be on my way, escalating this is not necessary and a waste of each other time

all the best

You are actively harming this website by spamming it across the internet.

Bye then. Was nice knowing you for 1 hour, which is all the effort you put into this forum, most of it for spamming. Look into your behavior before slamming others and flouncing, why don’t you?

“all over the internet just placed it here”, maybe my bad i do not hang around this forum for hours because i have more things to do, however i will check it out 1 day when i have time, my behavior is ok at least i do not attack people the first time because they maybe do something not YOUR WAY and they do not know better (can not know everything my friend) you should consider there is a person behind and he maybe does not know what you know. that is all. i am always descent however attacking me like that i do not think is correct is my opinion, i am sure there are a lot of spammers but was not my intention at all. good luck my friend. no harm done just learned something again thanks to you, thank you

You seem to be more interested in attacking me than I am in attacking you, to be honest.

All I have done out is point out that you are spamming, which you were. Quite why this calls into question my character, I am not sure.

As I have said, you should better look into your own character - did you know, for example, that when people feel defensive, they often project their own faults onto others?

This is not the behavior of a descent person when told that they are spamming. Your first reaction - an apology - was correct. Since then, you’ve been giving a very confused argument that focuses on my supposed failings rather than your own behavior.

And besides, Internet Etiquette Rule 1 is don’t spam. It’s not “my way”. It’s just a general rule that everyone knows - including you, presumably?

Might I remind you of this from your edited OP?

to feature your job it is currently extremely cheap to do for a month only $5 so probably worth to do it before the press release is released, because of bringing in some new sellers to their marketplace they made me VIP

So, ya know, either that OP was lying, or you’re lying now. In any case, I look forward to seeing your promised revision, and I hope that you have come to learn that spamming is not welcome here.

Decent people don’t post forum spam. For future reference, you should also keep in mind that a lot of users here have the power to destroy whatever crappy brand you try to promote. I can’t see your original post or link. However, if I had seen it and got the same impression as other users, I would have gladly penned a couple of high-ranking blog posts warning others never to use your site.

Keep this in mind when posting forum spam in the future. When you annoy people in Internet marketing, it can can quickly go horribly, horribly wrong.

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What on planet :earth_americas: happened here while I was gone?


I didn’t see the original post, but it looks like someone found your forum and tried to spam their (or their friend’s?) site here.

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I’m a little surprised that nobody can see the edit (I can’t either). Problem with spammers on any forum is that they tend to delete once caught in the act. In any case, a spammer happened. I welcome new members, but spammers need to be dealt with ASAP in my view.

What’s with the new title? Who changed it?


Oddly enough, the whole thing has been reproduced now, despite the OP not logging in for 4 days :thinking:

Still Grade A spam tho.

So basically, megapigs hired a mek-sell, likely from one of the you know where countries stocked full of crappy writers to market their site.

It’s a pity. The site looks pretty well designed. However, I can’t trust a business which scrapes the floor under the barrel when it comes to marketing. :frowning:

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But they’re doing a press release soon! Quick, give them $5 so you get lots of orders from being featured on all their web properties!

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