Mass Irrationality - What Causes it?


I’m having one of those periods where I get deluged with complete dimwits.

Buyer 1.

A buyer says, “I need 2 articles about family law in Texas. Just Goolge it and make the content generic.”

Talk about a :poop: brief. Worse, the buyer only pays for 1 article, but promises to pay for the second later.

The buyer (who I manage to get to tell me wants the content for his own law firm website) gets a rundown of all the basic reasons you might need a family lawyer. Divorce, custody battles, asset divisions, mediation, adoption etc. He also only gets 1 article because I’m not an idiot.

Then the buyer leaves a 3-star review, marking me down, naturally, for communication and service as described. This is followed up by a rambling message, explaining why they didn’t mark me down because I only delivered 1 article, but because as a non-native English speaker, my article needed a lot of work to make it readable.

Buyer 2.

This special case orders a press release! He needs a news story about construction and homeowner association housing in California, specific to his client’s construction company. He wants me to choose the topic. That’s great but err… They have no upcoming projects and the only recent ‘news’ on their site, details a job well done building a fence in November 2018.

So I do what I can. I spin a lovely yarn full of lies about what great value HOA homes are, pitch the idea that developers like building HOA communities because homes sell faster etc, all the while dropping nice fat mentions of this incredible construction company which built a fence in 2018.

Is the buyer happy? No. I get three stars and a link to the below story:

Apparently, I was supposed to magic together a story about imaginary new development deals and exciting city contracts, that would err… Get picked up by local media and not at any point get exposed as a big basket of lies…

Buyer 3.

An even more special case than the buyer 2, this buyer asks me to help him set up his cryptocurrency website. He doesn’t have a website. He doesn’t even have a domain name. He wants me to pick the subject.

I politely tell this buyer that he needs to have a website, end goal, and content marketing plan, before I can help, as I only create content. Sadly, this just makes him more interested.

Can I explain to him how to set up a website? Can I explain what Yoast is? Can I tell him how affiliate marketing works? "Just send me links to where I can read about these things myself."

That’s right, this guy wants me to do his Google searches for him. In the end, I stop replying in case I die of an aneurysm. Then guess what happens?

Congratulations! You have a new order!

This is going to be the very first article on the site. So please make it a good trending relevant article that will be of interest 3 days from now.

Yes, that’s literally it.

Buyer 4.

Just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse, in walks a non-English speaking spelling and grammar Nazi. Also, this buyer is a chargeback buyer, I’m certain of it. They place a basic order for a 700-word, top Flesch Kincaid scoring article without discussing this with me first.

Grudgingly, I deliver, only for the revision war to start. "Grammarly says there are too many spelling errors."

Grammarly most certainly doesn’t. Grammarly (in typical AI but low IQ fashion) is suggesting that some words which make perfect sense should be replaced with words that do not. I try explaining this but then:

"The metadescription is the wrong length and is not optimized."

Again, this is bull :poop: and I know it because I have their article sitting in front of me on my own website editor, scoring a green for every SEO benchmark there is.

I politely try explaining the situation only to get:

"Send me a request to cancel."

And then I have an inbox full of zombies wailing “I need content” and “can you copyright a music track” and "Check this out!"

It is literally like something has been added to the water recently which ramps up the narcissism and dissolves peoples IQ in a sulphuric acid bath.

Is it a phase of the moon? Are all of these people being dosed with something?

Thankfully, I have just the order from the crypto zombie to do now and I will be free, aside from the low ratings each of my beyond mad buyers has decided to throw at me. The only upside is that there is still another month until the next St Levels day.


Um, so are you the only one with all these weirdos :crazy_face: or are others facing the same issues? Talk about nutty! I find those non Native English speakers accusing someone of incorrect spelling. If they felt that way, they should have done their research upfront and hired someone else. :roll_eyes:

I order articles from others when I am not sure what to write or how to write or lack the knowledge to write it. I may not have the time to research and most of the time I have very little idea of what it will end up sounding like. What I do know is what the topic will be and it’s rather simplistic.

  • I need an article on the effects of diminishing rainforest on insects. (Pretty much explains it all in one sentence)

  • I need an article on how a book title can make or break a sale.

I guess I’m just a simple person! :laughing:


Not really, just sane. I love insects and rainforests by the way. (Though, not spiders.) My favorite insect is the periodical cicada. They wait 17 years just to become cicadas and have a mass musical mating frenzy.

I also like stick insets, just because they are groovy dancers. You can’t make them dance to AC/DC though. They freak out and die. Possibly, the same happens when they are exposed to any kind of heavy metal. However, I only have only (accidentally) experienced personally with AC/DC.


Sometimes, it’s good to go a bit insane to see if the world is as crazy as me! :smile:

I had an article written about insects from Lucy because she happened to have a gig on rainforest. I ordered it for my blog site. I still have my blogs up but quit posting new materials. It was too daunting and just didn’t have time to write my own materials!

Oh, well, I gave it a try!


Yeah, I’m murdering my own future freelancing at present. I simply don’t have time for anything creative or personal.

Depending on what happens over the next 30-days, this might change. The only upside is that I have a rock solid blogging/writing/marketing strategy now. All I need is the time to put it to use.


Fiverr is expanding, and with it comes the true great unwashed masses in all their glory. Many of these people will have a grade 8 or lower reading level, which vastly affects multiple other aspects of their communication and understanding.

Despite this, they do all have hopes and dreams which they’ve been told they can attain if only they [burp]. This unfortunate collision of reality and dreams is unpleasant for everyone, but becomes even more pronounced when they somehow latch on little old you as their Kingmaker.

As soon as anyone starts burbling about how I am going to make them a fortune (i.e. super-clingy first date going straight for wedding bells), I get rid of them. If they order, I overdeliver with a stern message about respect and then block them.

Anyway, bah humbug etc.