Making Fiverr User Friendly for Buyers

Don’t tell anyone, but 5r is still the easiest to use with the most available online freelancing niches available. ( :shushing_face: ).

True, they make changes I don’t like, but for now, no other sites can compare. I hate having to dig for good sellers among hoards of scammers but overall, when I do find one, it was well worth it.

There are a few things that 5r can improve on to make buying experience more pleasant for both newcomers and experienced.

  • Upon signing up, give a tutorial (whiteboard would do) explaining the differences between level 0 to TRS.

  • Add in an explanation of a PRO seller [This should be taken out of Fiverr and given it’s own site, like ]

Note: The fact that a $1000 gig is next to a $20 gig looks downright silly. It makes people question the authenticity of the site.

// Let’s face it, people hate to read, we like to watch videos all day. At least I do. I’m addicted to YouTube //

  • Anyone being promoted to TRS should be hand vetted with requirements clearly defined. Many buyers have bought from TRS with disappointing results. It makes the site look less than professional.

  • A site with 99% 5 :star: review looks rather suspicious. The reviews needs to change to reflect the real experts from others. I’d like to see the differences which I’ve asked before but I’ll ask again.

(1) I want to know which reviews are less than $10, which are more than $50, $100, etc. Put them into different categories or color or something.

Typically, people that pay substantial amount are serious buyers and/or business buyers. And yes, those reviews should count more. Scammers trade reviews on cheap gigs, so I know the $100 or $50 ones are real reviews.

Come on Fiverr, don’t act like you don’t know trading reviews don’t happen. You know it does. Make it easier for us buyers to find good, honest buyers.

I know not all $5 reviews are illegitimate, not what I’m saying at all. I know quite a bit of your top rated sellers do amazing work at still $5. At least 50% of the legwork should be done by us buyers - we have the responsibility of reading the gigs and analyzing what the seller wrote.

I’m not sure the purpose of the private feedback, but, if you’re not going to use it, please make it worthwhile. Why did you take away my ability to give you a genuine write up on the sellers?

If your mission is to get as many people to do it, then it’s useless. Getting more doesn’t mean better. Getting less but useful information from good and business buyers will help you to evaluate your best sellers.

I’ve watched some of your best sellers get demoted but some of your gawd awful scammers retain their TRS badge.

I supposed I’m taking a chance that a few of you are lurking on this forum, at least my analytics shows as such. We both have discourse so you know what I’m talking about. :wink:

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