Make Money Online with Amazon Prime Videos?

So, apparently, you can make money not just publishing any old tripe as an ebook on Amazon using their Kindle Direct Publishing platform, but you can now also make money on their video publishing sister, Prime Video Direct.

A lazy look for $$$ rewards pulled this up (it may be out of date):

[Publishers] also retain control over how their content is distributed — all with the knowledge that every option comes with a revenue model from the get-go. For instance, if a publisher chooses to upload its content to Amazon Prime Video, it gets 15 cents per hour streamed in the U.S. Internationally, content owners get 6 cents per hour streamed.

These are not the only Prime Video-related revenues, either. Amazon also sets aside a $1 million monthly bonus pool […] Other ways to make money through Video Direct include 55 percent of ad revenue generated from content that’s available for free, as well as roughly 50 percent of money made from sales and rentals.)

As it turns out, Amazon’s quality control isn’t quite what it could be:

Nice. I can see some serious media biteback on this in the future, not dissimilar to the KDP program’s unfortunate pornocalypse of 2013/14. Now, while the majority of the taboo catalogs were removed, it’s notable that even today, its biggest (most profitable) writers are allowed to be taboo.

It would be easy to blame Amazon greed, but I reckon the truth is a lot simpler. Amazon does no quality checks on books, and largely takes a reactive approach to issues - that’s to say that its consumers (or the media) need to kick up enough of a :poop:storm for bad material to get booted. Otherwise, if you’re feeling a little unethical in your quest for online monies…

I doubt that it is very different for videos in light of the Vox report above.

So, I just thought all of this was interesting. I get tiny royalties off Azon for execrably-written erotica shorts each month for books I wrote in 2012/13 (at least, the ones that weren’t cruelly murdered by prudes), so I can see that there’s a good opportunity with Prime videos for any freelancers with skills in that area. And, as this brief investigation shows, they won’t even need to be decent videos.

With YT demonstrably getting worse in multiple ways for content creators, Amazon could be a good home - so long as your cruddy materials stay on the right side of meh. May be a good Fiverr gig to create, too - this seems a relatively niche area of videomaking that can only grow as awareness of the Prime publishing program goes.

I also hardly need point out that there are many potential clients who would be impressed by “I am featured on Amazon Prime” for your other freelance site cover needs. So, all in all, despite the many, many glaringly obvious issues and problems looming over the horizon, I’d say video making freelancers should be looking into this seriously.

Sadly, I have no video making skills to take advantage of this. I could start learning though… :thinking:

EDIT: Maybe not…


How much are you getting?

As for Amazon Prime Videos, it looks like it might be doable if you can produce tons of videos with your phone or something.


I’d say anywhere between $800 to $1,200 a year (I appear to randomly become “popular” from time to time). That’s with a back catalog of I estimate ~100 shorts, distributed not just on Kindle but also Smashwords and squillions of other platforms through Direct2Digital (they take a 10% chunk of your royalties or thereabout to publish on your behalf).

The reward isn’t really worth it, but nevertheless, considering that back catalog is now geriatric and still pulling in hundreds/thousands a year despite being whittled down to a fraction of its original number by prudes, I do maintain that anyone can make KDP a full time income with a little hard work and marketing smarts.

I knew one guy who started out like me who got a genuine bestseller and accidentally started a new, sexy niche - he graduated to romance and started a studio of writers (from Upwork, I think) who churned them out for him as he took care of the marketing (his IRL career). Not sure how he’s doing now as I fell out of contact with that world, but he was pulling in megabucks a few years ago.

Fiverr suddenly became a (surprising at the time) more profitable income stream for me, so I stopped. I’m looking at Video Prime as a similar thing, only it’s very easy for me to churn out written rubbish - creating videos, not so much.

PS you can try this with other niches but the middle aged moms who read romance and erotica are insatiable, apparently. It’s the most lucrative ebook area.


Isn’t it Draft2Digital?

Do you handle KDP from there, too, or do you publish on Amazon first?

Probably, I can never remember what it’s called just that it’s Domething2Digital! The way I did was publish first on KDP, then on D2D, then Smashwords. Smashwords is responsible for around $10 of annual income, so easily the crappiest platform. I think D2D can pub to all of these places, too? Perhaps Smashwords also does this - I can’t remember. But if you’re going to go with someone else distributing, I’d go with D2D as it’s much better to work with and their CS was always very helpful. Smashwords was, and maybe still is, lame in all kinds of ways.

I would always do KDP direct as that’s where most readers are - why give 10% away? The other channels make so little comparatively that the 10% hardly matters when contrasted to your time savings. At least that was the way I looked at it.


Except to Smashwords, or at least they don’t mention them.

Smashwords is cute, I bought a few books there, but it seems useful only if you’ve got a bunch of followers/readers who buy there (or from your blog/website, if you put a link to Smashwords).

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Yeah, because SW is also a publisher to multiple sites, and so it would be something something something :slight_smile: . I would definitely agree that SW is really only useful if you have an army - they do from memory make it easy to do coupons and giveaways so you have more control.

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