Legiit Freelance Platform Review | Is Legiit Legit? - Let's Find Out!

Well, I’ve finally done it. I’ve completed the initial setup of my profile on Legiit.

I must say, that my first impressions of the site are good. It’s clean, fast, seems professionally put together, and is very easy to use. The only downside (if I ever get orders) rests with the fact that only PayPal can be used for withdrawals.

Other than that, listing services on Legiit is actually just as easy (if not easier) than on Fiverr. There is also the bonus fact that Legiit doesn’t have that many users yet. That means less competition than on other sites like… Well, everywhere.

Of course, I can’t speak for how easy communicating and working with buyers on Legiit might be. But I suppose I’ll discover that in time.

Is Legiit Legit? - Let’s Find Out!



That is awesome! Congrats!

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Thank you!

Well, so far Legiit is all very similar:

I’m actually finding it easier to use than Fiverr. There is no Switch to Selling or any of that nonsense and the inbox area is nice and straight forward. There are a few bugs, though.

As soon as someone messages you, a message arrives in your email inbox but no indicator pops up on Legiit. In fact, you wouldn’t know you had a message unless you clicked in the message icon and *‘show all messages.’

Also, buyer order instructions follow directly on from your order requirements.

i.e. If your order instructions say “Please give me a link to your website and tell me what you want.” Your order instructions will look like:

"Please give me a link to your website and tell me what you want." Hello I want a press release about an extraordinary invisible bike riding chipmunk I have just found in the back garden.

That said, you do not need to click on orders to see the order requirements. This is because these appear as notes which you can easily click to see in the dashboard:

(The bigger smudge is supposed to be an arrow.)


This actually makes things feel more streamlined.

Overall, my first impressions are good. They are so good, I’m even hatching a bit of an ingenius marketing plan. :slight_smile:

Jump onboard fellow freelancers! It’s not every day a Legit 5r clone pops up in the freelanceverse!

Also, after reading Legiit’s TOS, it says nothing about a clearance period after orders complete. In this case, it may be possible to use Legiit free from the threat of chargebacks if it is possible to immediately withdraw earnings.




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Your profile on legit is very sharp looking! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Thank you! My profile on Fiverr could look just as sharp. The only problem is it’s too expensive to edit. Edit gigs and they disappear forever. Unless of course, you are a Pro who enjoys permanent “in your face” search placement. :slight_smile:


Quick Update:

I’m honestly starting to wish I hadn’t overlooked this newbie platform for so long. I’ve just discovered that Legiit allows users to submit site suggestions. Not only that, they do appear to implement suggestions which are either popular or they see merit in.

Here, you can see that Legiit is in the process of adding support for Payoneer. They are also in the process of adding a subscribe feature. Once implemented, buyers will be able to subscribe to services on a weekly or monthly basis. i.e if you need a seller to deliver a new blog post every week, that order will get processed for you automatically without you having to order manually.

Personally, I see subscriptions as a great way to secure future business. However, I also love the fact that I can see what site suggestions are being implemented. It means I can plan ahead in terms of my gig strategy.

i.e. I was not going to add my video services to Legiit, but now I am due to upcoming Payoneer payouts. I may also start offering more content strategy focused on gigs which really are only useful to buyers when buyers buy regularly. (So you can implement your content marketing strategy.)

On to whether Legiit is legit, I stumbled upon the company website of the company Legiit hired to build their platform. They showcase Legiit as an example of their work and also throw in a few interesting details:

  • Legiit was apparently set up by a freelancer who wanted to create their own platform
  • The original site developers are still actively involved in providing support and adding new features
  • Legiits original dev team mention implementing a secure PayPal payment gateway and security features such as allowing the Legiit team to monitor user behavior and (where neccessary) ban users

I find all of this reassuring, as most Fiverr clones are not purposefully built from the ground up or actively maintained. Instead, you usually find that sites are constructed from common Envato/Wordpress templates. The cryptocurrency freelance platform Fivebucks is an example of this. (Very buggy, slow, not very user-friendly etc.)

Given all of the above, I would once again suggest that fellow freelancers give Legiit a shot. Also, I have already noticed a couple of 5r veterans listed on the site. :slight_smile:

Edit: Personally, I like this feature. However, if you do plan on using Legiit, be warned that your late and cancelled order stats are publicly visible to buyers.


I am quite busy enough with being on one platform.

Care to share?

I think that is a good feature.

If you click on the voiceover category, you will see one right away :slight_smile:

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The bearded JC is there. And look at the lack of competiion! Wow that is nice!

Okay, so what is their fee? Is it the standard 20%? Inquiring minds want to know! :grin: :question: :question:

There is no transaction fee for buyers!


I can experiment with as many $5 gigs as I want and save some dough! Yipee!

I had to quit experimenting on 5r because the transaction fees were costing me an arm and a leg. I used to buy $5 gigs from several sellers to see who can deliver quality work, save them as a favorite and buy from them continually. When the shopping cart disappeared and administrative fee doubled from $1 to $2 per gig - it was costly.

I mean trying out 30 gigs would cost me $60 in transaction fee! :scream:

Nope, it’s 10%! As far as experimenting goes, you should find it easier thanks to the ability to see seller delivered on time and cancelled order stats on their profile! I’ll be honest, though, there is a lot of rubbish on offer.

I think this might be why a lot of new platforms fail. Rubbish sellers start arriving and displacing the decent sellers. Thankfully, on Legiit all the usual spammy backlink gigs are grouped together in a single category and are easy to scroll past.

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That is a very tantalizing reason to move/expand!

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