Latest 🔥 topic on freelancing!

Thanks, everyone, for keeping the forum going in my absence. I’ve been super distracted with personal drama lately. :roll_eyes:

In the meantime, in my lame attempt to advertise, I’ve gotten a few ideas that Cy vehemently disapproved (but alas, I already ordered - so can’t just cancel on a 5r seller!).

I decided one of the easiest and safest things to attract others to this forum is to have HOT freelancing topics. So, ladies and gents, I need ideas on the latest gib - jab on freelancing.

Give me some topics that are in the news, I can order a few articles on those topics and post it on a weekly basis. So,

What’s up, everyone?!

Also, I only have 2 main categories with a few subcategories. If you have ideas for other Main/Sub Categories, let me know that as well!

Well, I’ve been trying to relearn how to format ebooks. I have 2 public domain titles I plan to release on Amazon soon. Amazon and Create Space have also just finished merging. I haven’t tried using the new all in one platform yet, but when I do, I could write a review/how to guide.

I imagine if I do that right, it could get some traffic. :thinking:

You know, you could start a GoFundMe or Indigogo campaign to raise funds for building a MyBuzz blog and maybe freelancer job board. You could pitch the whole "the gig economy is being slowly usurped by big power mad corporations, who throw more freelancers under the bus than they do help them succeed. - We want to change that"

Plan it right and create some good talking points, and that could get some good PR, as well as raise some $$$ to cover operating expenses, adding some features, and of course, an all expenses paid meet up somewhere nice… :thinking:

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I don’t have any ideas as such, but I like Cy’s pitches, particularly the anti big corporation ones, so I’ll second that.

It’s been a while for me too. I’ve got to relearn bunch of stuff whenever I get to finishing my latest novella.

I’m not sure how this would work. I will have to play around with it a bit - I’ve never used either of these.

On a similar note, anyone have any ideas on getting a new banner or are we still good with the one we have. I am still working to get some more meme, video, etc. to post on Instagram. :slight_smile:

@TheFreaky - so, what up?

@glacierlily - so, what up with you ladybug? You’ve been :mute: a lot lately.

@CroftGirl - (I hope I’m not cursing you out - this is what google gave me! :upside_down_face:)

کوئی خیال؟

@razvan - salut! Ce mai faci?

@JoeKamel - Any ideas? BTW, what is your main language in Egypt? I once had a guy translate English to Arabic for me - that lived in Egypt.

@PsychoKitty - :crazy_face: :cat: (crazy cat is the best I can do with emoji) - Any ideas?

Did I forget anyone? :thinking: If so, call them here! Let’s get these ideas rolling. My goal is to spend at least 1 to 1.5 hours daily on this forum!

BUZZZZZZZZ :honeybee:


The same ol’ school, home, work and repeat.

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All of a sudden I have had big (for me) orders every day!


Well, congrats, lily!

If you get any time, feel free to add to what’s here for improving or getting new members.

Hey, can you give me the login & password to Instagram?

Yep, let me find it.

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Well the recent one is pretty fine for now. I do agree with the meme videos idea.

May be few articles and ways for freelancers to avoid getting stiffed online? :thinking:

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I see a listicle with GIFs! You know, Buzzfeed style. Here’s an example (no spoilers. I haven’t watched this episode, so this was a risky click for me…)

Also, I love that nobody noticed the coffee cup until it was released then a bunch of nerds spotted it, because that’s what nerds do.


Marketing is always useful, if you can find someone to give solid advice.

Also, voice search will become more popular, so perhaps something on optimizing for that? Like this one?


I sorely hope this doesn’t turn out to be true. :frowning:

Sadly, you might be right:

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My nephew’s first words were, translated, “drunk crone” :rofl: But that phase passed quickly, and now he says “caca” ( :poop: ) all the time :man_facepalming: , along with “kitty” while pointing the finger at everything that moves :man_facepalming:

Occasionally he throws in some clear sentences that shock me, the filthy kind of sentences :scream:


A tru Balkan person from young age. :exploding_head:


:rofl: :rofl:


Hey, whaddya know - Google translate got something right! :slightly_smiling_face:

Truth be told, I’ve ordered so many articles, I’m not sure if I’ve done that one or not. I’ll have to look.

Buzzfeed style?

Interesting concept!!! :thinking:

Although, I’m rather clueless on this but, I admit I do enjoy doing voice search myself.

I’ll have to find someone reputable or they can literally take me for a ride! :grin:


On a seperate note, anyone heard from @weeyin? She’s been awfully quiet lately.


Never mind.