It never rains idiots on Fiverr - It pours absolute morons

Fiverr is a nest of absolute nutcase buyers at the moment.

Case in point:


Now, when a buyer tries to assure themselves that you are a native English writer, what they really mean is “I’m not a native English speaker myself, but I do think I am.” In this case, I should have just told this buyer to take a hike straight away. Sadly, I was stupid and didn’t.


Then I get:


The buyer then says "oh, perhaps I need one of those for my site pages like yachts, cars, events, etc. - Basically, they just repeat my question back at me.



By now, I’m sure that this is a wind-up or basement dweller who will make life a misery. In this case, I say I can’t help and run.

Sadly, as soon as I do I get an order with the following as the buyer order requirements.


As well as there being no need to be so F-ing rude, I’m sensing that this buyer will be someone who attempts to say I’ve plagiarized content anyway. Needless to say, he will be blocked as soon as his order is completed.

To top that, I have a person who has been inboxing me since mid-August. They are apparently a fancy pants SEO and digital marketing agency and want me to write their entire website content. The only problem? They can’t say what they actually do. Today they tried for the third time my sending me 1,700-words about the importance of digital marketing.

Do they do web design? Do they create social media marketing strategies? Who the hell knows. The main thing is they are really really good at what they do and know that they want a landing page copy that motivates people to take action.

In short, they don’t have a clue.

Given all of the above, today has been spent wasting hours trying to shoo idiots away. I don;t get it though. I’ve raised my prices and the quality of buyers has nosedived. :thinking:

To top all of that, I keep getting connection requests on Linkedin. They are all from supposed marketing agencies, etc. However, on accepting them, I just end up receiving a :poop: mek-sell pitch from someone in India offering to write me amazing web content and do all kinds of backlink magic.

What a waste of a day…

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Why do folks think raising prices rid of bad buyers? That gets rid of cheap buyers and chases away some regulars.

Higher prices can attract demanding buyers with crazy expectations that may or may not know what they are doing or want. These people have money to spend and think they know everything.

Idiots are everywhere. Digital freelancing, I think are a magnet. It’s easier to demand over the internet vice in person.