It is done!

Well, after taking far longer than I expected, I have finally relaunched my own blog. For anyone interested, you can find it here: [link no longer available]

It is sparce on upto date content. However, I have built and configured everything in a way which will make it easy to clone and migrate to other servers. In this case, have a snoop round and let me know if you think it is a setup/design, you think people would actually pay me to use themselves.

No hard feelings if you don’t or visit my site and find hundreds of things broken. I am definately not a web designer by trade…

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I like it, it’s simple and elegant.

I would only change the spacing between letters on the font used for the article titles, it looks a bit odd. Although, that’s more of a personal preference.


Thank you. Though I do need to do a bit proofing of the content I was able to save from my old site. :frowning:

I’m not sure about the font thing. I can change it, but me and you always seem to clash on design ideas… Then again, you are the graphic designer. - I’ll change it later when I have time. :wink:

At present, I’m actually to scared to touch anything, as this is the first time I have managed to build a site with reasonable loading times. Now I just need some time to start flirting disgracefully with some crypto industry insiders to get some PR going. I just hate it how after weeks of almost no orders on Fiverr, I’m suddenly deluged with work and strapped for time all over again.

Also, if anyone can tell me in non-technical terms how to generate a site map, this would be greatly appreciated. :wink:


I use this one if it’s any help?


I’ll give it a try. I’m just trying to use as few plugins as possible, so as not to slow everything down.

Thanks for the tip!


Here’s a tip to create one without uisng a plugin: :slightly_smiling_face:


WOW @weeyin - I never thought that you were that tech savvy.


I heard a rumor that @weeyin is a bit of a domain name hoarder like myself. :slight_smile: In this case, it would make sense if she knew a thing or two about WordPress.


Guilty as charged, and also a fan of OceanWP! :slightly_smiling_face:


Me too. It’s the only theme that makes me feel like I know what I’m doing.

Incidentally, you haven’r ever heard of this $10 per year hosting company have you?

I know it sounds too good to be true. However, I’m thinking of taking the plunge so I can bring another domain I have online. (Seeing them shoot up in value just by using them, has made me start thinking about flipping them.)

Plus I only have $11 in my PayPal account. :frowning:


I haven’t I’m afraid.

I use Hostgator, have done for years really.

As we’re sharing - here’s mine:

Not quite sure what I’m doing with it at the moment. :wink:


Nice! I see you are looking to generate revenue from video-specific ads. If that is the case, you might want to look at becoming a Wideo affiliate:

I’ve used Wideo as part of my video creation software pack for 3-years. It takes a while to get the hang of. However, they have tons of templates and they are the cheapest animated video software vendor currently out there.

If you wanted to do a blog post about them, I could even send you some of my own videos to embed to showcase what Wideo is capable of. - And if you wanted to, you could credit me as the creator… :wink:


Cheers for that @henryboyd! Some nice templates there (shuddering at the word template of course :wink: ).

I might well take you up on your kind offer. :slightly_smiling_face:


Nicely done! I like the design, it’s clean and neatly written in normal font! Some people go out of their way to use fancy, unreadable fonts!

I enjoyed your article on the India possibly getting rid of the digital coins!



Thank you! Feel free to share / repost any article you like. especially if you know anyone into crypto or thinking about getting into the market. There is lots of fake news out there you know…,