Is this British Accent?

For you folks living across the ocean from USA, check this one for me. Is this guy British? I swear his accent does not sound like it - I just can’t place it? :thinking:

His name is Simon Whistler (sp?)

Yes, he’s British. Public School boy / Oxbridge. At least that’s my guess knowing that crowd. He could have also had elocution lessons as part of professional voice training. Or just be from Hampstead or Chelsea.

Somehow I was thinking something completely different when it came to British accent.

Where is reddhorrocks (voice over artist) from?

I’d say she’s a bit Northern. Manchester maybe. However, I only got that from something like 2 syllables and I m might be wrong. You should maybe remember that some people do take lessons and learn how to disguise their accent, if not completely replace it.


I noticed he pronounces the word, “Controversy” differently than I do. I’m wondering if it’s spelled differently there? You know like how in the extra letter (the mighty “u” ) is added to: flavor, favor, honor, etc. I suppose we are just lazy in the USA, we use contractions as often a s we can.

Hum, do you use contractions in everyday language? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Nope - spelt the same. Just different words are pronounced differently - might be geographical, might not be.
E.g. scone, schedule, aluminium etc.

Profile says South East of England, so London, Kent, Essex etc.

Now I’m curious to see what those words sound like in B. E. ? :grinning:

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