Is Fiverr Logo Maker Any Good? I Think It Marks an Interesting New Direction for Fiverr

So, after lurking as an unexplained new concept in the Fiverr TOS for a few months, Fiverr’s dev team finally pushed out the beta version of Fiverr logo maker yesterday. Here it is in all of its majestic template glory.

They’re already talking about the Logo Maker over on the Fiverr Forum, and opinion seems to be ranged between skepticism and this will transform my business with some excellent points made on potential for abuse. I’m not gong to cover those points (EDIT: nvm I did) here, as I can’t really add to them. Besides, I have my own angle which I will get to in a bit.

I had a little play around with the Fiverr Logo Maker yesterday and today - they’ve already made some substantial changes to the process (more questions to zone in on what people want, basically), so this is a work in quick progress for now. Add your company name and logo, and you’ve got a bunch of basic logos to choose from and customize.

Thing that gets me thinking is the customization page:

Not too shabby, but…

Fiverr Logo Maker - A Rip-Off of the Free Logo Maker Concept?

I get the distinct impression that it was inspired by the many, many make videos/logos/sales pages in just 5 minutes! internet marketing offers. Dropmock is an example of a better one. It’s easy to create something, so long as you like the templates and can squeeze your own words and images in there without them getting horrifically bent out of shape by the AI.

And there’s a potential problem - or market. These logos are priced a little too highly for the affiliate marketer with multiple sites on the go who just needs a crappy logo where quality isn’t so important, so I don’t see that as the marketplace. Perhaps small business, then, or resellers (as suggested on the forum).

Question is, will people pay more money for just one template logo, or pay a little more to get access to a (theoretically) infinite number of logos that may also generally look a bit cheap and dated? Fiverr’s template logos do, so far, look nicely modern and inoffensive. So yeah, Fiverr Logo Maker is taking an old concept, but it’s putting a new spin on it with its ready-made workforce. This is the real difference - whether its a USP that consumers care about remains to be seen.

Can Fiverr Scam People with Fiverr Logo Maker?

Well, that’s covered in the Fiverr Forum post in more detail. I’d say there is every chance for unscrupulous people to leverage this tool for free to line their own pockets. Take this:

I’m already halfway to a completed logo - I just need to run this through Photoshop to get rid of the watermark, and I’m done. Now, anyone can do this - which means some will. However, there’s every chance Fiverr has or is implementing something to make this difficult (especially for its own sellers). On the wider internet, there’s not much that can be done other than the usual. So if anyone does get scammed with this, it’s scammers rather than Fiverr. As this is the beta version of Fiverr Logo Maker, I’d say it’s likely someone’s working on ways to minimize this behavior.

Should Logo Designers Use Fiverr Logo Maker?

From my POV, it looks like a good way for logo makers not only to get some passive income, but also drive potential leads to their store for expert customization or more niche designs. It’s worth signing up for, I think (or however it works in that way). I guess it’s really a question for individuals to ponder - the risk is creating something that never gets purchased, after all.

Should logo designers use Fiverr Logo Makers to design their logos for clients? Seems like an expensive way to do it, and the cheaty way above has its own risks and dangers. From my perspective, this is just another potential passive income stream (albeit on the same platform as another, which can be dangerous for its own reasons).

Is Fiverr Logo Maker Fiverr’s First Real Step Towards Becoming the Amazon of Freelancing?

I think it is. Here’s the CEO outside the NYSE on IPO day with big ideas to go with his new millions:

[Kaufman] suggested that one of the things that impressed Wall Street investors was the fact that Fiverr operates less like a traditional hiring site and is “much more similar to traditional e-commerce businesses like Etsy and Amazon,” where you can browse and purchase the services you need.

Logo design is, I think Fiverr’s biggest category in terms of demand and service. Now, what’s interesting here is that Fiverr’s really trying to remove those barriers toward buying - things like not knowing/trusting the final result, having to pay before you see it, dealing with people who might give you a rip off, etc and giving you this IM-inspired thing.

But what if this is just the beginning? What if Fiverr’s also got similar things in progress for video (see Dropmock as an example, but there are many more), for articles (similar to content mills where you can pre-write an article and get paid when someone buys it, with options for exclusive rights etc.), and for other areas?

I don’t see any indications of this yet, but I do think this is a potential bellweather for a new direction that Fiverr’s going to test - and, considering it has a history of buying up companies that offer tech it needs to implement XYZ, I think it would be interesting to see who they buy out next, if they do.

Whether this is good for freelancers is another matter altogether, and I guess it all depends on whether you agree with this kind of commercialization of otherwise artistic work that should reflect a company’s core values rather than get plucked off the shelf like canned sweetcorn. It will be interesting to see how buyers react to this, as this program is likely to inform the development processes of any others in the works.

So, what do you think? Have you made any logos? Are you impressed by Fiverr Logo Maker or is it just a cruddy program that shouldn’t really exist, considering there’s free, horrible alternatives out there (which are used by meksells!). I know I won’t be using it beyond playing, but it could be the start of a huge new addition to the Fiverr service ecosystem.


I love your company name!

I don’t think I’ll use the logo maker except to play with it, but then again, I don’t need a logo.

Some of the results I got when playing were cute…and very similar to the results I got with some other “free” logo makers (not really free, as we know, because you have to pay if you want to use what you get with them).


I don’t think anyone would use it when they can find “Sir, I design 10 logos dolla five”.

Just kidding, I am on the move now. I will send my detailed opinion later today.

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Ha ha same here. But probably I’ll send my thoughts in my tomorrow


Yeah, nice logo. The guy in it looks tall, dark and possibly handsome.


My personal point of view is that such logo generating app is a genius thing for Fiverr. They can get some cheapo meksells to create decent enough illustrations, that can get the job done. The meksel earns, Fiverr earns and everyone is happy.

In general, as a graphic designer, over they years I have learned how to tell a good and a bad logo. Usually, from the files that I had been getting most 80% of the logos were total crap, while around 15% were average looking. The rest was great.

Now that being said, Fiverr and every other similar platform does target people that just started and are short on a budget. Usually, such people don’t care much so this thing makes perfect sense for those.

Using some of the filters, I chose my company “Meksella Inc.” to be in the art and design niche, and that the logo was supposed to be Modern and Elegant. Here is the result:

This logo is nowhere near elegant. Why?

  1. It has a rounded and fun font.
  2. The shape doesn’t say anything about the business.
  3. The tagline is put in a very stupid place.

Here is how I would have designed that logo.

Obviously, they should feed their AI with some basic design principles.

If fiverr works on fixing the search and the algorithm, they can make money from this, as people don’t care about having a perfect logo, in most cases.

Currently, the logo didn’t make any sense.

By the way, the first logo in the second row, from Locusta’s examples, resembles tits. :apple::apple:

Edit: My grammar sucks as I am too tired to write.


Plus they don’t need much, especially if it’s a local business with affordable prices.


Yeah, just look at some of the logos that many of our Ex-Yu local brands have. Nobody cares. People buy the product or use their service.

Most coffee shops here use tempalted stuff here.


Wash your mouth out - using the ‘T’ word! :soap:
The walls might have ears! :ear: You’ll get drummed out the Brownies saying stuff like that! :rofl:



An expensive logo would even be counterproductive because it would send the wrong message (that the products/services are expensive). And if the products/services were actually cheap, the whole message would be confusing.


Yep, here is an example.

I don’t think that that’s the case always though in the west.

However, in our region, it is actually. Many of the pastry shops that have bad logos, cheap interior and etc are very cheap. In comparison, the ones that have good logos and interior are always pricier.

That’s not the case in Germany. For example, most of the Pastry shops were designed nicely and had a similar interior to the “luxury” ones in our region. While most of them had same prices.

I guess, that we are used that if something looks good is expensive, due to the influence of the communism - “Functionality above all.”

Usually, many small local companies use this font for their logo. I can name 10 places in my neighborhood that have logos with this font.



I’m not really convinced by the AI, tbh. It’s just a buzzword today along with things like ‘big data’ ‘fourth industrial revolution’ and making everything an aaS (some companies are taking the SaaS and putting their own spin on it, with pretty bad results as nobody except the small company has heard of whatever their aaS is). Technically, having a search function, some tags, and sliders is AI, because everything’s in a database and the AI (or ‘search engine’) delivers results based on whatever parameters are set.

Plenty of room for human error. Mind you, Fiverr does have a Medium blog that looks at this stuff so perhaps a Fiverr staff nerd will write an incomprehensible explanation of how it all really works soon?

That would follow the time-honored logo tradition of making everything inappropriately phallic [NSFW, obviously], which gets my stamp of approval. I’m not sure why Fiverr Logo Maker gave me a bunch of gaming logos, on that note - I didn’t use ‘gaming’ or related terms as a keyword anywhere…

Perhaps this could be a fun thing to do with the logo designer (I assume submitted logos are checked by someone?) - see how many disguised manparts you can get…

You can have the logo if you want, of course - it’s only $60, exclusively from Fiverr Logo Maker. You could then print, it, frame it, and put it on your wall to gaze at adoringly while waiting for the real deal to come into your life and sweep you off your feet with his endless reservoirs of charm and chiselled good looks.


Ah, before I forget, I saw this wonderful client on reddit last night. Fiverr Logo Maker means that you can sell logos without having to interact with people like this!


Which “T” word? :thinking:

:rofl: :joy: :rofl:

Funny, funny!

I do not need a logo, but that could be fun… if I had spare time.

Sooo, to start with: I love this idea with logo maker.

I do sell pre-made logos on other platforms but I still have to do some work at least writing names and customising. Here I don’t have to do all that, fiverr does it for me. It is great to get some extra cash without investing a lot of time and without need to chat with clients.


  1. It looks like the algorithm doesn’t work well yet. I also tried to check some logos from the buyers side And they were a bit out of the place and not always matching styles. As @TheFreaky described his attempt to create elegant logo.
    I think it shows the styles as per tags that sellers put on their logos and I guess some of them are just outing bunch of keywords to attract attention which are not so relevant to their style.
  2. I immediately saw some logos that I think are not original. Even that ninja @Locusta from your post I think I already saw it before. Or variation of it.
    So fiverr definitely need to work on how to filter this kind of logos. They do give you a warning that all icons you are uploading should be unique, copyright free and never used or sold before. However as it shows that didn’t stop other sellers from uploading unoriginal stuff. Even your final logo @TheFreaky I also think I saw it somewhere.
    But I did see a couple of logos that I liked. (Including mine :grin::see_no_evil:)
  3. Backend also need to have some improvements because it’s quite slow and glitchy but overall you can work with that.

As for concerns that other people have:
They are targeting specific niche of people with this logo maker. I don’t really understand all this paranoia with “that defeats the whole purpose of branding”. Yes it is for most people but there is still a big niche for smaller businesses, for local business, business without online presence and simply small hobby businesses that don’t care too much of being super unique and building their world wide recognisable identity. All they want is to have a logo that will attract them some more clients and have a nice style. There are also some control freaks who doesn’t want to pay money without knowing what result they will get from a designer. And let’s be honest, it is a pretty big gamble right now on fiverr on what kind of logo you’ll get from a designer even with good portfolio. (Just because you simply don’t know if it’s stolen portfolio or not)

So overall I like the idea and I’m already using logo maker and even got my first logo sold but they do need to fix quite a few things.


I’d say it’s the main problem.

I mean, I know very little about logos, and even I’ve noticed already existing icons (yes, more than one) when creating a logo.


This is where I begin to lose the plot a bit TBH. A burger is pretty much a burger, a cup of coffee looks the same as any other - these are often used for logos etc.

Unless something is pixel by pixel identical - colour, position, size etc. when does a design element start to be the same/different to one which is using a similar element?

It might seem facetious, but what’s a burger joint supposed to use as a logo - a fish, just so they’re not accused of stealing somebody else’s logo? :slightly_smiling_face:

I suppose what I’m asking is ‘what counts as being original, and how can this be safely identified so designers aren’t (wrongly) accused of stealing the work of others?’.


If you have a logo with a burger. And you decide to use a rounded font and the color combination to be red, blue and yellow, it will resemble burger king.

And yes, generally speaking, I do agree with you. If you draw things using simple shapes like circles, triangles, and rectangles, things do tend to look similar.

And remember this, good artists copy, great artists steal. :wink:


Disclaimer: This stealing, doesn’t mean mek-sel stealing. It means stealing ideas and adding your own twist to them.


So if I change the colour combination, then it would be alright? :wink: Kidding!

We’re programmed to identify visual clues, which is why logos and designs exist, otherwise we’d depend on text alone. This is why logos often look similar for dentists, chiropracters etc. etc.

Designs can be similar without being ‘the same’ or ‘stolen’.

With the number of logos being produced just on Fiverr on a daily basis, I’m not surprised some end up looking similar to others. How many ways can there be to represent a brand for a dentist without using a tooth, a toothbrush etc., but still make it easily identifiable as being a dentist?

Added - I don’t design logos, but spent many years teaching Graphic Products. Who knows, some of my students may be freelancers now, designing logos for others! :slightly_smiling_face:


I hope your students don’t sell of Fiverr. :joy:

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