Is Fiverr buyer request bugged?

So apparently, my buyer request section says only 30 are active. Which is a bit weird because for like the past months it has been around 1400 to 2000 active requests. Is anyone else facing the same issue?

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Alright, a quick update. It seems like everyone is facing the same issue as well. I checked Fiverr Forum and i’m not the only one, i guess.


Perhaps it’s related to the other bugs that seem to be flying around Fiverr at the moment? I never venture into BR so I have no idea anyway…


There’s indeed yes a lot of bugs flying around their platform at the moment. I have been struggling with them for the past week but i thought it’s only me

This is one of those moments I’m glad I don’t currently have any orders in my queue… People complain that they can’t attach files (either in messages or on the order page), messaging doesn’t work, the things that are necessary for Fiverr to function simply don’t work, or work sporadically.


Right now, mine says 29.

For some reasons, the bug is still going. It has been two days now? I thought they actually updated their platform and it’s now working perfectly but seems like they still do have some stuff to take care of.

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I haven’t stepped foot inside the wastelands of BR in like forever. :dizzy_face:
I gave up on it, too much junk!

I delivered orders today and I was literally crossing my fingers and :footprints: toes. :grimacing:

Took a while but it worked.


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Wait what? :thinking: So there’s only one one friend and i mean ONE friend who calls me by this nickname and when i asked earlier if she’s signed up on the forum they told me no. Nika, is that you?

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UPDATE: The buyer requests finally got back to normal.