Is anyone else getting hammered by meditation gurus & non-profits?

Since Christmas, I seem to have been hammered with orders and inquiries from non-profits and life coaches. Wherever possible, I politely try and dive out of their way before I end up in a mangled car wreck of an order. (My last one where a life coach insisted that coach was spelled ‘couch,’ was just too much.)

Now I have 2 orders from non-profits which… Well, like my last epic car crash of a non-profit order, they simply can’t tell me what they do. This makes me think they are just hit and run heart string cash grabs.

Anyone else?

Oh, I once got a client that told me to watch my “spilling”, although, she was from the Caribbean - and in some islands they speak creole. Which might justify their spelling.

For example, in some of the Creole languages, they spell “Ju” instead “You”.

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It must murder putting on Shakespeare.

At least we don’t have many true Northern folk on Fiverr. Copywriting in Geordie would just be a nightmare.

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I tried reading classic English/American literature in English. It’s really hard for me to understand the language used 2-3 centuries ago. The new literature, movies, TV shows and everything is an a very simple form of English super-easy to understand by anyone.

I don’t understand the Geordie sample which you have sent too. Also, when I watch Scottish TV shows like “Still Game” “Chewin’ the Fat” I watch them with subtitles.

We have a large number of dialects in Macedonia. I can’t understand clearly the South-Eastern dialects. Also, I have hard time understanding Bulgarians even tough they speak similar language as the Macedonian.

Meditation gurus and non-profits

Nope! Although the reasons :moneybag: why :moneybag: should be fairly obvious. Sadly, there’s no skinflint tightwad emoji out there just yet so I’ve had to make do with some moneybags instead.

I read that Geordie Bible in the voice of that bloke off Alan Partridge - I’m sure you know the one!

Well, that sucks. I usually send my “we are an amazing company who needs an amazing press release, saying how amazing we are” clients your way. It would be nice if they actually tried to waste your time. :slight_smile:

(I don’t send that many so don’t go all Boudica on me.)

Geordie Michael does indeed have the best Geordie accent. It would be nice to link to Youtube but I fear any clip would be far too profanity saturated.

Hm, I may get some of them - but few of them are unlikely to get through my barrage of template replies :slight_smile:

To be fair, I think more people would be too busy trying to figure out which words were profanities in between the general stream of his dialect. A bit like how Trainspotting had to be subbed for North American audiences because the Scottish accent was too bewildering.