Interesting Music Videos


So… I’ve been told I should start a new topic if I want to be a Regular, and here it is: music videos that caught your attention! Because they’re weird? Because they look awesome? Because they look terrible? Because you like how they tell a story? Because they inspire you to sit down and start writing already? As long as they’re interesting in some way, and as long as posting them isn’t going to break the forum rules, anything goes.

That being said, here’s a weird one:

I love the visuals of this one:

Army of Lovers, of course:

Your turn!


I really like Katy Perry’s music video for Chained to the rhythm. Not the best ever, but i like how every scene discuss a story or deliver a message.


It’s so unique. I have never seen something that interesting from a director’s standpoint.

This is a video that I find so absurd. It’s made by a local folk artist, which everyone makes fun of. Just look at what he does in the video. Once you understand the text you would like to be deaf.

I don’t know if this video is original, or if the owner of the YouTube channel had edited it. However, by far I find this music video one of the best. It’s like a war movie. Of course, this song is from the Yugoslav wars - and it’s labeled as Serbian nationalist song. It has powerful storytelling - and thus it makes a great propaganda tool. It is 101 in creating a brainwashing tool.

It’s so absurd, this guy is a true legend in Poland. A friend of mine had discovered him while we were in Poland.

This is also an interesting music video by the very same guy, it has an interesting story. He sings about he going in the US to earn money for his family - and what his wife (girlfriend) does while he earns his money the hard way.

I like the simplicity of this video.


I’ll have to return to this, but Die Antwoord has plenty of weird music videos…


I prefer the more timeless classics…


Also a HUGE fan of misheard lyric videos.

If anyone here can speak German, coldmirror does some good Turkish-German misheard videos. This is one of my favorites (a love song becomes something about cakes, old cakes)


Ah, also this. (I Stand On My Feet*). This is basically a Cretan song in which the afternoon drinkers kill an annoying fat politician with their dancing. It’s a nice short, well-produced movie as well as a song.