Increasing Numbers of Fiverr Buyers Think They Can Choose What to Pay For


It’s on the main forum and its in my blooming notifications at least once a week. A buyer wants to cancel. Work has been fully delivered. Then they request a revision but just say, “I don’t like it.” There is no attempt at explaining what they don’t like. There is just a sudden :poop: attitude and an expectation that you will cancel and let them go on their way.

In a present case, I have such a buyer who despite being pressed for further instruction regarding what they want changing, has gone silent.

Now, in mind of discussions on the Fiverr Customer Service Grief message boards (AKA the official forum), what exactly is the best way to deal with situations like this? Do I ever redeliver? Or because the buyer doesn’t want to tell me what they want revising, would that be considered an abuse of the delivery button? If I contact CS, I’ll get told to work things out with my buyer.

As it is, I have had 3 orders this year which have been cancelled after delivery by CS, regardless of revisions having been made. In fact, it grates me to hell on the main forum when the same, “Fiverr wouldn’t do that for good reason” suggestions get batted around when sellers complain of the same.

Anyway, I guess I have no choice but to now leave this order in perpetual limo until it does get cancelled. But will it then get cancelled automatically and leave me with an evil “seller failed to deliver on time” review?

Everyday, more scams, more stress, and less motivation. Now that I think about it, I might just cancel myself as I can’t be arsed with it, or a 1-star review which will stay there later even if the order does get cancelled or charged back on.

Fiverr just makes you feel absolute :poop: inside. :disappointed_relieved:


I think that Fiverr is getting :poop:(ier) from day to day.


CS usually tells me they won’t cancel an order without my say-so and bar chargebacks, that seems to work. Unsure if that’s my elite super-duper service (which is the same as it always was, so :woman_shrugging:).

Of course, that does leave me with the fun task of ‘working it out’ with people who are suddenly suffering from dying fathers, a self-assessed mastery of the English language, and inability to follow simple instructions like “please just highlight on the document exactly what you need changed” due to being far too busy to do that, but not too busy that they can’t argue.

I think that just leaves you with a chargeback and a dinged cancellation rate. Certainly my cancellation rate, now at a proud 95%, is due to two chargebacks almost 2 months ago (I also have 4 “incomplete” orders sitting around which invariably have to be cancelled sooner or later, much to my chagrin).

Either way, bidnis is slowwwwwwwwwwwwww at the moment. I used to be rushed off my arse at this time usually. Of course, if I ask my manager about it, I’ll be told that “this is normal for this time of year”

No, it’s really not. The reason I’m not busy is that I was pretty much forced to kill off all my bestsellers, simply because they got more buyers than the shiny new gigs. Guh. Oh well. I suppose the free time is nice.

I do wish they’d introduce the new new review system. They’ were awfully quick to introduce the new one, yet it’s been at least a month since the “hurray, new new one coming soon!!!” one.


Well, I just send a request to cancel. The buyer is a nut. He offers rubbish removal in London. He’s given me a lecture on how people in England don’t use the word ‘haul.’ I initially tried explaining that actually Google seems to think that ‘haul’ is used by 1K - 10K a month in London searching for his kind of service, as well as several other keyphrases I found.

Now there’s just barely despised contempt coming from him so screw it, I’m not having a low IQ version of Phil Mitchell trashing me in reviews or wasting more of my time when I have zero assurance I will get my measly $24 for the effort.

I’m also having flashbacks to the last git who tried this last month, who was pulling out the exact same verbiage, randomness, and passive aggressiveness. (He’s the one with the beard who later tried passing himself of as a woman to place a second order.



Oh, one of those. I had a Finnish man who came to me to write his book cover, which was about sleeping and his magical sleeping method. There was a bit more to it than that, but I don’t recall now. Anyway, I did my usual stuff and he had a full-on meltdown about my inappropriate use of English. For example:

As for the use of inaccurate words, for example ‘teaching’, you said “how many times has a child been told to lie down and be quiet?” Here, you stated it yourself that it was a ‘telling’ not ‘teaching’.

You can imagine the ginormous list he had of my “errors”. I saved the file, as I forced him to color code it by “error category” with “detailed explanations” so that I could learn how to speak English from him, and he actually did it. LOL. I prefer to let these kind of people do a lot of legwork with their complaints. It makes it slightly more fun…


No. As soon as I have someone who lives in their own English language universe, I have to run. I’ve used the example before but I’ve had nutters want me to use words like ‘hand gun’ in product descriptions for drones, because their sacred keyword search insists this is a good idea.

These days with blind reviews, the idea of these people being allowed to review me abhors me.


Yes, it is very frustrating when someone with the ego of a small planet and the brains of plankton decides that you’re the worst thing ever and that they can write a misleading review and even threaten you with that yet CS won’t get rid of it (despite TOS saying that this isn’t allowed, basically).

I appreciate the ole legwork trick doesn’t work for everyone, but it certainly fits the “please work with the buyer” requirements that CS is going to throw at you. Besides, who doesn’t like color coded idiocy?


That must be a PRO feature - as a TRS, I still get orders cancelled by CS behind my back :grimacing: When asking them why, they always say that the buyer asked for a refund, so I have no say on such matters whatsoever :roll_eyes:


I was thinking the same thing! :thinking:


Business on Fiverr is slow, but my local business here in India is picking up. My house is surrounded by about a dozen start-ups. Who knows, the local business could yet be my #1 source of freelancing income, even bigger than Fiverr. The only thing is I have to visit their offices and pitch myself to them and show what I can do. Let’s see how it goes.


My worst one was for a $15 order where the buyer messaged me 15 times beforehand. Each time, I said I couldn’t help. They didn’t speak English and had no idea what they wanted. In fact, what they seemed to want was a magical piece of text which would make their run of the mill crappy MLM scam some kind of Internet sensation.

They placed an order. I delivered. “Please cancel.” As stupid as I am, I offered to revise. They get the revised content. “Please cancel.” I said no. Then a week later. "Your order has been cancelled."

In fact, I’m completely changing my perspective on cancellations at the mo. If I hadn’t cancelled my order yesterday, I’d still be working on it now knowing it isn’t going to go anywhere. As it is, I feel more relaxed and don’t have to worry about an unjust review left by one of those "I’m king of the world people."

More time, no adverse reputation impact, less stress… And when you don’t get paid, Fiverr still gets paid anyway. In this case, everybody wins!