I need a new job

I need more money. I guess everyone does.

I’m trying to debate on if I want to try my hand at a franchise or open something unique on the side. Anyone here have any experience in working at a local franchise?

Just curious.



I worked at McDonalds for 13-minutes when I was 16. I never owned a franchise though. I guess that is what you are asking.

Personally, I’m not a big fan of spending money to make money. Everyone I know who does this might as well just change their name to Debt. That said, maybe you could look into the Amazon FBA business? That’s the new craze putting dropshipping out of business.

You buy some cheap rubbish from China and sell it on Amazon for a hefty markup. Of course, you have to source rubbish people actually want to buy.

Better yet, why not create a spell casting gig on Fiverr. Half the witches I see can’t spell never mind spell in the literal sense. I could even write your gig description and make you a nice gig video.


You should create gig for “I will read you mind” :rofl:

I was actually thing about doing FBA. I have to look into it.

I’m working around 12+ a day, not including traveling over weekend. I’m pooped after work.

I may have to hire a virtual assistant to research for me. :grin:

You could try what Gary Vaynerchuk sometimes does: buy cheap stuff at local yard sales (just quickly check first for how much you can sell it), then sell it on Amazon or eBay.


I tried doing this in Malta. There are gems to be had at car boot sales. We also had a 1 Euro store where you could buy things like ceramic cookware. (Ceramic pans are the best pans to ever cook with btw.)

Sadly, the cost of shipping through the post from Malta is astronomical.

That said, if I ever move to mainland Europe, Ill be all over that market. There are niches everywhere. My ex had a friend who made a living selling everything from old war memorabilia to VHS video tapes.