I Lost Most of this Week & I Don't Know How

I’m toying with the idea that I might recently have been abducted by aliens. - Twice.

Like a lot of freelancers, I lose track of the days occasionally. I mean look at Christmas. Where the hell did that just jump up from? However, this week it has been really ridiculous. On Friday, I was convinced that it was Wednesday. Then about an hour ago, I realized that today is Sunday, not Saturday. - And this is pretty shocking, even for me.

Let me explain…

A mobile grocery store calls on my street every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I catch it every time it does, as I need to buy water at least twice a week and, of course, red meat and laundry detergent.

This week, I distinctly remember making sure to be in at 3pm on Monday to catch the truck. I had run out of water last Sunday, and not catching the truck would mean hauling a 6 pack or two up the winding hill from the bottom of the village. (Not pleasant.)

I did catch Mario (the truck driver) and then I caught him again on Wednesday to replenish the fridge. And that’s where things got freaky. Like he does at the end of every week, Mario wished me well for the weekend. I said the same, deciding not to point out that he had clearly gone insane. However, on checking the day when I had packed everything away, I was horrified to find that it was indeed Friday.

Now. Logically, I can remember not seeing Mario yesterday which would imply that yesterday was Saturday. However, for some reason, I have still spent all day today thinking that it is Saturday, while making plans for the week ahead.

How have I done this? How has my brain lost Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday?

At present, I’m blaming it on too many late nights spent battling WordPress. (Or Aliens.) However, this is a very, very odd feeling.

I read somewhere one time that the universe is shrinking and that makes time speed up because of the theory of relativity. I’ll freely admit that my understanding of all that is limited to a confused “uh…” in most cases, but there is a potential reason.

If you also would like to blame something that is not WP’s latest, most infernal update, then there’s the Large Hadron Collider, which is mucking about with forces we cannot possibly understand as puny humans or something.

There’s also 5G. I don’t know how that theory might work, as I have just invented it. I appreciate it may sound a bit crazy, and it’s certainly not informed other than my speculation, but you’ve mentioned 5G on your island, and are aware of its less desirable potential effect, so… possibility?

4th / 5th / 6th theories: you were drunk and/or you have early onset Alzheimers or another brain thing that isn’t fun and/or WP’s latest release is a total b and you are stressed out AF, so your consciousness went to other, more pleasant, places where amnesia is de rigeur.

If the universe is shrinking, everything becomes denser. Density makes atoms move faster (all objects are made from atoms), therefore the faster you move the faster time flies for you. That’s how theory of relativity explains this #Hawking101. I am nerd, yes!

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I really don’t understand this stuff to argue terribly seriously, so let me load up my “but subatomic particles are really weird so you’re WRONG” gun.

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Don’t go there. I’m already disturbed by my run in with the Mandela Effect. However, I believe that I have stumbled upon the ultimate conspiracy theory concerning the LHC. Namely, it’s either not real or time traveled to where it is now from the future. I mean you have this massive 26.7 circumference thing buried underground under France and Geneva… But no one knew about it until the early 2000’s.

Blip. it just appeared. No pictures or documentaries showing them building it. No 30-years of environmental protesters bemoaning putting a black hole under the French countryside. No news headlines from 1970 onward saying: "Oh dear, we need more taxpayer money because we overspent on this massive building project which we don’t know will actually work."

Also, given what the HLC does, it would have been cheaper, easier, and safer to build the thing in space. I mean Nasa loves sticking lots of cylindrical pieces together to make bigger things which do interesting experiments.

Nope. It’s either not real or it blipped into reality at… Well, just about the same time the world started going to :poop:.

5G is a bitch. However, I’m not the only one feeling like their nose is about to start bleeding anymore so that’s something. I’m just waiting for things to go all Royston Vasy and special sausages. Then people might listen.

I’m sticking with WordPress or aliens. The past few nights have been 4am finishes as I battle my way through like a car mechanic trying to fix a faulty space shuttle.


Some other bloke had a theory that the Mandela Effect only really started when the LHC started doing whatever it does, and that this was the real 2012 End of the Word/Dawn of Aqarius/Biblical Endtimes kickstart. Others say its a portal that lets in unsavory individuals from God knows where (c/f aliens).

There was also a terrible zombie movie about it (see vid below) which was shot on location. I watched it ages ago and it was really bad. Can’t remember what happened, but things went wrong, followed by zombies.

I’m not even sure why we really need it, anyway. Science stuff that I won’t understand in between the zombies trying to kill me?

I’d definitely try that WP fix that magics away the thing. I’m going to give 5.0 until the new year to fix its awful :poop: and then install that plugin that makes it all better again.

Actually, it went live in 2008 and I did have a Mandela Effect at around that time, I just didn’t realize what it was. My then gf brought home a Sex and the City DVD. I remember looking at the cover thinking ‘maybe that’s just how they spell it down here.’ (I was living in New Zealand.)

I also remember the LHC being on the news at the same time, as we were having a smoke and planning how to survive the about to be apocalypse.

I’m still not onto Gutenberg yet. However, I have been reading up on the classic editor plugin. I just hope that installing it won’t lead to conflicts with all my existing pages. I’ve already had one plugin break everything and almost had to start from scratch. :frowning:

I’m a little leery of the Mandela Effect, tbh, I’ve had a few “wait…” moments, but nothing on all the usual channels, so I’m happy to dump that on the “interesting theory, but not really convinced personally” pile.

I didn’t really notice the LHC until it became a media party. I also didn’t really have decent internet until 2010 down here in my far-fliung corner of the world, which is probably why (I had to buy overpriced dial-up internet cards and things were generally not awesome).

Might want to shoot a message to your theme creators re: classic editor?

That’s the problem. This time round I am my theme creator.

Everything has been customized by me to infinity and even a plugin which originally worked killed everything last night. Until I could guess which one it was and start playing Russian Roulette deleting plugin sounding files via CPannel.

It’s all very nerve-wracking.

Theme builder, then? But yeah, bit of a headache. I went for a largely DIY approach with good support for the super-technical stuff and an OK with support creation tool (Divi, if anyone is wondering). I just feel like having to deal with all this (myself, with no support) is too much extra work that I’m not all that interested in, while I do want to be able to Google and fix myself on the fly.

EDIT: You could always hire someone on there to help!

I’d rather just crash the thing myself thb. Have you ever tried ordering a WP service or anything creative on there? It’s like inviting a door to door salesman in for dinner. "Oh, it will be more expensive than what it says in you gig? And I also need this and this?" - Yeah, F off.

My last two purchases were effectively just like burning money. Of course, I could have gone Pro. I just didn’t want to remortgage my house or have to deal with the pretentiousness… :wink:

Tru, tho.