I like my gifs better than other peoples - Is it just me?

So, I’m thinking of dumping my video gigs in order to offer animated gifs instead. - Less competition, newish market etc.

First, though, how do you mike my gif?


I have another sample. Sadly, it won’t upload due to file size restrictions. With that in mind, does anyone know if there are GIF/GIF file size restrictions on any social media sites I should be aware of?


I like it very much! :slightly_smiling_face:

Some file size info here if it helps?


Why thank you. You’re like a free VA! - I didn’t expect such a detailed and informative response.

This will come in handy as I craft my gig. In the mean time, I’ve decided to become a Fiverr weed article dealer :wink: :slight_smile:


Extraordinarily slow month this month. In this case, I’m tapping new niches before my new Level 1 badge gets mercilessly snatched away again…

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You’re very welcome - I’d downloaded and thought it might come in useful at some point.

Good luck with your new gig! :slightly_smiling_face:

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And we have another one!


Is that the cutest gig image ever or what?

Of course, I know that I am probably anoying everyone. You are all just supposed to click all the links I post to make Fiverr think I’m sending them some magical marketing traffic. - And get your friends to click too!

Also, I don’t want to promote my new gigs on the real forum. Within a few hours I’d have a million mek-sells as competitors. :frowning:


WOW, your new gigs are the :bomb: bomb dot com.

I gotta use a gif to express how I feel.

This is very creative and something fresh & exciting.

I absolutely :blue_heart: your pet care gig. :blush:

As for the green stuff, all around town, I’m seeing CBD shops popping up like popcorn. I don’t know much about it, I assume it’s an oil? LOL no idea.

Yeah, don’t share on FF too many stray cats (copycatters) and dogs with ZERO creativity.


I created it as only a few other sellers seem to offer this kind of gig. - And I do love pets, usually more than I like people. I’m pleased you like it!!

The cannabis gig is really just trying to get ahead of the next Bitcoin. Marijuana stocks are huge at the moment. At least, as far as speculative investments. There is also a lot to be said for CBD oil, etc as a medicinal agent. However, I’m kind of against all-out legalization.

I sense it is coming. Hopefully, my gig will prove to be on the right side of history. :wink:

Also, I just updated what used to be my main gig:


Feel free to click and share. Remember, my chihuhua is very high-maintenance. :wink:


I know, you wont agree with me again on fonts.

However, I don’t like the one used on “Exclusively At:” as it doesn’t pair good with the modern fonts which you had used for the rest of the text. Otherwise, you had stepped up your design game. :slight_smile:

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Well, almost all my gigs are updated now:

@TheFreaky I just don’t flamming care about fonts! Did you see my old gig images? They were like someone took a few bad ideas and held a summit of the worlds worst visual marketers to choose the very worst ones.

I don’t even know what I was thinking. However, I am pretty sure that I created them in my alcoholic post-break up days in 2017. - That’s my excuse.

My main point with these is to at least stand out from my nearest competitors. My Flippa, Pet, and Cannabis gigs will rank automatically in the first one or two pages of search results because there is only a maximum of two pages in those niches.

As long as I have visual supremacy and don’t make several spelling and grammar gaffs in my gig descriptions, my new images will suit me just fine. :slight_smile: - Hopefully.

Theoretically, all my gigs should now start ranking in the first two pages of other searches like that of “Sales Copy” flitered by “Website Content.” However, I’m noticing an alarming trend of Fiverr putting me at te absolute bottom of several irrelevant searches - Almost like I’m blacklisted.

To make matters worse, I have a not had a single new order or message for almost 2-weeks. That is longer (as far as messages are concerned) than even my longest stint in vacation mode. It also ties in with when I had a buyer block me out of the blue for not replying fast enough.

Another month like this, and I may have to dip into the crypto kitty. What I am being deluged by though, is Fiverr Learn reminders and promotions… :thinking:

I’m not giving in and buying a course though. I’ve decided to just swallow my pride and face the real world of work if it comes to it. I’m burned out with the stress of freelancing. If my big gig revamp doesn’t turn things around, I’ll just be calling it a night and going back to the kitchen.


I like the new look! It’s more modern.

Your pet blog is awfully specific, though.?.? Are you just writing about pet care? How about how to travel long distance with a kitten? How about a topic on “You have to be a moron to own a pet tiger.” :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Just saying, there are big cat nuts out here on planet :earth_americas: that may want articles related to the jungle or the serengetti. Just saying!! :upside_down_face:

Well, I’m kind of a great assumer. I would have thought that all of that would fall into the genre of pet care?

Hum, I see. :thinking:

So, you are willing to write an article titled: “Only morons own a tiger/lion as a pet!”

Cool! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Yes. However, they do make good guard dogs/cats!

I have prooffead a lot of blog posts on these subjects lately. So I think you will do well.

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