I just can't focus!

I have to study - and I did everything except studying. I started the day with Middle Eastern propaganda, especially for Bashar propaganda songs, and then watched hours of content for the political situation in the region, the leaders, who support who, and all of the complex things connected to it. So now, when I saw the clock, it’s 3 PM, and I have finished only 3 pages. A day perfectly wasted.

You know, as a high school student, i could totally relate. :smile:

I used to turn off my mobile and get it away from me so that i could study for 2 hours without any distractions. It works pretty fine for me. Perhaps try shutting down any source of distraction near you and sit in one place, set a time & don’t get off unless you complete the 2 hours of studying for example.


Ahh, the students giving advice to one another. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


It might be a bit non-conventional. However, fasting could help. Whenever I fast, I turn into a productivity machine. Otherwise, you need to go screen time cold-turkey completely. No web browsing, throw the phone and/or tablet away, and get some sleep.

If you are a screen time junkie, your sleep patterns might be all over. However, if you get some powdered nutmeg and blend 4 heaped teaspoons into a milky drink, this should knock you out. Just be warned that as well as making you sleepy, nutmeg is a massive (and often not pleasant) hallucinogen. In this case don’t go overboard and definitely don’t do it if you have exams coming up (at the earliest) a week from now.

It’ll also taste foul btw.

Otherwise, just spend a day being extraordinarily physically active to wear yourself out, sleep, and then start studying.

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Keep all the electronics away from you or study in a room that has nothing except a chair and table.

Do intermittent studying. Set a target; for example I will get up once I do 15-20 pages and don’t move till you achieve it.

Study 3 hrs and take rest for 30 mins.

Thanks for the tips guys! I really need a loooong break from everything (work, study, commuting). I imagine myself in Bali, enjoying in a 5-star resort. :sunny:

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Erm so thats what you got from our advices? :roll_eyes:
Theres some misunderstanding here…

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I feel that I need a long break.

Usually, when I study I do it for 2-3 hours straight - listening to lo-fi jazzy hip-hop or classical music. The problem because I can’t focus on studying is over-complicated. Even if I go in a room that has just desk and a chair, I would start looking through the window or just look in the wall.

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I used to study at the Uni library. A bunch of other students also preparing their exams, not much noise, and the only distraction being keeping someone company when they went out on a cigarette break (but those really didn’t last long, because we all needed to prepare our exams).

Being in a room full of people focused on studying can do wonders for your own focus, too. :slight_smile:


This is an excellent tip! Although I would sometimes get very distracted by interesting-looking books that were not necessarily relevant to what I was meant to be studying!


or just highlighting useless info in book… while ears at the table next to you…

Even staring at the wall is most interesting activity to do than studying. :roll_eyes:

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Other people’s highlights in books can be very useful. Don’t forget notes in the side of the book! I quite enjoy studying, so I don’t really have any tips for this post. It does really depend on whether you actually enjoy a subject though, I think. While I don’t know what @TheFreaky is meant to be snoozing through diligently, his procrastination reveals what interests him more. He was studying, in a way.

(It also helped that the internet was a bit rubbish when I was a student)

I thought you just got back from a nice vacation?

Today was a good day, I finished the planned chapters without any hustle at all. I was far more motivated.

I have 30 minutes with a bus to get to the library - and I hate commuting.

I study “Farm Management” at the moment. Not an interesting subject.

Nah, city break (city vacations) actually wear you out - as there are tons of things to do, like a lot of walking, changing trains, busses, walking in museums (some museums like the National Museum of Hungary have more than 3-4 miles of exhibitions). If you go on a usual, beachside or mountain vacation it is a different thing. In those types of vacations, you get to recharge your batteries - and recover.

I need to save some cash to spend two weeks in Bali or Cuba in some 5-star resort. Of course, also, somewhere in Greece would be okay too. However, it would take me hours to get to some of the islands (no air connections).

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