I have seen my future



Greatest post ever on Fiverr Forum. God bless you, Brother.

This is how smart people survive when the stupid take over the world.


2019 is an important election which will decide whether India becomes Venezuela or USA.

Modi wins: The next USA. Me - everything is set up, invested in all the right stocks, properties, so don’t have to do a thing. Will make money without doing anything, stock markets will boom, as will the property market and India will be the fastest growing economy (it already is). Will do the internet stuff for fun, just to pass time.

Modi loses: The next Venezuela. Me - Focus on internet income. Develop passive internet assets in addition to working as a freelancer. Will have to work hard, real hard, and smart. Time to get serious.

First scenario will make me happier, but the second might just make me richer. Let’s see. The stupid may yet take over the world, but only the smart will survive.


The only problem I have with this, is that Venezuela is one of the most natural resource rich countries in South America. They just can’t export anything due to U.S. sanctions. Which are punishment for… Well, apparently poor financial management (not letting foreign companies buy up everything), and an emerging humanitarian crisis caused by subsequent mass poverty.

Meanwhile, other natural resource rich countries with actual atrocious human rights records and dodgy involvement with everything from 9/11 to butchered Turkish reporters, constantly have the red carpet rolled out to them.

Of course, I’m not Venezuelan and not being able to eat can make even nice old ladies beat revolutionary war drums.

I like how this person has managed to improve their situation via freelancing. However, I hate the hypnotic spell of "the USD solves everyone’s problems."

All that said, I do not understand why Maduro has gone decidedly insane and attempted to ban potential solutions to massive fiscal problems. Venezuela is the next best place outside of China to mine Bitcoin. Sadly, the government insists on using its own cryptocurrency which no one will touch thanks to being centralized, and bans use of alternatives. This tells me that there is an even more nefarious hidden hand in the whole Venezuela story.


Will talk about the Venezuela situation in detail later. Just one reason for their mess. Chavez.


I saw that last night and marked it to read when I have more time. How did you get access to it, VI? :thinking:

There is a newish lady member of the 5r Forum that is from Venezuela that I like. She is an electronics engineer now doing translation and proofreading of Spanish documents on Fiverr.

  1. Is she in her 20s? Single?
  2. Reasonably attractive?
  3. Willing to move to India?

Then I’m interested.

■■■■, I’m sounding desperate.


Assuming that the answer is yes to all of these questions, what is your pickup line going to be?

Also, why is it always the women who have to get airmailed to strange foreign places, learn the lingo and get used to their new surroundings. Be a gentleman, hop on a plane and invite her out for dinner.

Just don’t do it in a creepy way by showing up unannounced after dark.


Well, actually she has flirted a bit with Cy! :shushing_face:


Who on Earth are you talking about? The person I asked about the cost of living? I assumed that was a bloke. Otherwise I wouldn’t have confessed to being a chain smoker, before asking about cigarette prices.

The Internet is a terribly confusing place. This is why I don’t do online romance.

There is an epic documentary on Youtube somewhere about an 18-year old girl who lures all these men into alterations in real life and has all kinds of bizarre online relationships going on. In the end things get out of control and the FBI gets involved. I can’t remember why. I think someone died.

Anyway, the big reveal comes. It’s obvious that the person using this 18-year old girls picture isn’t her. (And this is bad as there are bad people trying to track her down for screwing up their lives.) But the shocking part is that it turns out to be the girls own mother!


The person who’s username starts with m and ends with sun. We both were teasing you in your thread titled, “I left a review by mistake.”


I don’t think I knew this person was from Venezuela. She wasn’t flirting though. She was just chatting.

When you flirt you don’t tell someone they need a bath. Nor do you keep on flirting when that person says they haven’t had a bath for 3-years.

Of course, if things are really bad economically where you are from, I suppose you do have to lower your standards.


Ah, but maybe she likes the sent of a fermented man!

Anyway she is fun to interact with. :wink:


:clap: Bravo! Bravo! :cry:

Best thing I’ve read!