I Have Question

That’s it, that’s the sum total of a $70 order I have just received.

I responded in under a minute but the buyer has gone MIA.

Yet another lovely level zero maintaining cancelation to add to the list.

I’m thinking about creating an “If you order this gig I will use black magic to give you a brain tumor” gig.

Or I might just add that to my FAQs on all my gigs in… Let’s say two specific languages.

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I have question too

just kidding. :grin::grin:

So, what you’re saying is that high customers are just as nutty cheapos. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

No, this is not a high-paying customer. No one else offers custom videos in my price range and they actually make me a loss.

  • Software licences per month = $69 approx
  • Average orders since Fiverr changed the category of all my video gigs = 2 x $70 per month
  • Time spent on each order = 5 - 6 hours minimum with an added 30-mins to an hour for inevitable revisions
  • Average number of cancellations per month = 2 and that equals lower search visibility and orders on all my other gigs

It is actually a ridiculous gig to keep on offer. However, I have a monthly regular buyer and my software licences don’t come due until November. In this case, I just keep the gig up to try and break even. After November it will be consigned to the scrap heap.

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Which software do you use for compiling the videos?

I’m afraid I can’t tell you my trade secrets!

I use a mix of a little known online animation platform called Wideo and free software like Blender for all my videos. I have a unique way of doing things, though, which would be pretty hard for anyone to replicate unless I showed them how.

I also have Wondershare and most of the premium effects etc. That was the most costly but also the most stupid purchase I’ve made, as I’ve hardly used it. I did use After Effects for a while. However, to be honest, its not worth the price unless you are going all in as a pro video seller or someone who rips templates from Envato.


I don’t if you have seen there are many videos on YouTube from people disappointed from the Adobe services - and turning to free alternatives.

Blender is quite a powerful tool, plus it is free. I think that I have heard about Wideo, I get ads from them quite often on social media.

For me the Adobe Creative Suite is still affordable ($30 a month) and I get to use all of the tools that I currently need.

I actually have a draft thread with my own research for every adobe alternative, however, I need to do more testing prior creating it.

Nowadays you can become a Fiverr pro by just selling templates. Pre-vetted my :peach:. Re-selling envato templates and shopify setup seem like an awesome thing to do.

@RegiAdd this might be a great topic that might make newcomers interested into.

Tell me about it. I bought Wondershare because I had a cracked version I had been experimenting with, and realized a Pro was selling Shutterstock stock footage with a few Wondershare effects slapped on top for $500+!

It took me less than 30-mins to make the exact same video, just not with the same stock footage. However, then for some reason, Fiverr made it impossible for me to create new video gigs. I can create them. They just never appear in the search ANYWHERE. (I’ve left a gig up for weeks so its nothing to do with video approvals. Also, this only happens with video gigs.)

It’s really crazy to be honest. There are people like me, you, Raz which create their own work, do heavy customization on templates - and we get pros which use free templates and charge hundreds of dollars. It’s funny as some of them have 100-200 reviews. Why would I pay hundreds of dollars for Meksel quality?

Have you tried contacting customer support? In some cases they forgot to manually approve some gigs.

I have a policy of not contacting cs unless someone has been murdered. I’ve had too many ambiguous answers from them and don’t like putting myself on their radar.

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All his talk makes me wonder what kind of crazy money I could charge for template videos + website ‘design’ + writing.

But then I remember what a nightmare it would probably be and stop thinking about it. It’s always a bit disappointing when Pros do this. It should at least be disclosed on their gig that templates from wherever are used. There’s plenty of ways to make that sound like a good thing rather than a bad thing.

PS the obvious answer to i hev question is 42 :wink:

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Do you get meksel buyers on your pro gigs?

I did once have a guy from North Africa selling cigars out of his own factory. All fine and unremarkable, except he had horrible English and his brand was a rip-off of a famous Cuban cigar brand (logo, everything). Took about 20 revisions (specifically dictated by him and his English, I was not allowed to make changes…), each declining in quality, until it was ‘perfect’.

That was fun. He’s hoping to launch in the USA - I really can’t see how that’s going to work myself, but that’s not my problem!

Most people are normal though. I tend to forget about them unless they’re exceptionally bad.

EDIT: forgot to mention, there was also someone last week who ordered my website copywriting gig with an awful brief that basically said… well, let me show you.

Our website is [redacted]
I need it revised in a modern & sophisticated way.
Some of the things to be included:
Black/white/grey & bright orange colors.
A click to call for estimates.
An appointment calendar.
We serve the [location]

Now, that’s a horrible brief for a designer/web dev I’ll bet as well. That was inevitably cancelled - possibly my first one of the year. I couldn’t figure out why someone could so effortlessly drop that much money into something that was completely not what is offered in the Gig and explicitly rejected in the FAQ.

So yes, the more I think about it, there are meksell buyers there are on Fiverr. Having more money does not wash away the meksell.


Definitely. In the BR section, quite often, I see buyers who are looking for a business name and slogan, plus for logo design. All in the business name/slogan subcategory.


Understandable I suppose - they want a branding package of sorts, and maybe don’t realise that the folks who could do them a business name and slogan might not be able to do a logo, although some might.

In a way I suppose that’s what the BR section’s for - services which wouldn’t necessarily be covered by a single gig on the main site?

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Possibly those who offer logo design and claim to be able to “copy write anything within 24 hours”.

Or, in very, very rare cases, folks who are both copywriters and graphic designers.

Sort of, but not quite, because in BR buyers have to decide on the subcategory, and choosing business names and slogans when needing logo, but without mentioning anything that would indicate that the buyer understands that graphic design and copywriting are very different things (say, “we know that it’s unlikely, but if the same person could do both, or recommend someone for the other task, it would be awesome”) always makes me think that the buyer has researched way too little, and is going to be problematic.

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I think that Jon is both, last time I checked him, he offered both copy writing and logo design gigs.

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You lost me. Can you clarify?

Creating a topic for free software alternatives for creative professionals. In short, more about replacement apps for the Adobe Creative Cloud. That might be an interesting topic for getting new blood.

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Yes, he is one of the rare ones.