I Have Had The Best Idea EVER - FreeBnB

I have had an idea so incredible that when I had it, a small plume of smoke left my right ear from my exhausted brain. It really is that good. First, though, let me paint you a picture.

You are a freelancer. You spend all day on your computer, it’s impossible to take a holiday, and even if you wanted to take time out, actually going on holiday is expensive.

Yes, theoretically, you can stay in hotels and hostels and use wifi to work. However, inevitably you end up with interruptions and distractions. With Airbnb, you also never know if a host is going to cancel at the last minute, be a serial killer, or have a place which is far from as advertised.

(I did struggle there to find fault with Airbnb, but stay with me.)

My idea is simple. Imagine if there was a version of Airbnb just for freelancers. I have a spare room. I know what it is like to have anti-social working hours and how difficult it can be to plan a trip away. In this case, I could list my room on FreeBnB for five bucks a night, and you could plan a trip to Malta knowing you could freelance uninterupted once you get here.

Of course, you would have to put up with my house rule to always leave the toilet seat up, but I’m just using me as an example. I could visit @TheFreaky in Macedonia or @CroftGirl in Pakistan, etc.

FreeBnB (FreelancerBnB) would also be far more secure than AirBnB. If you wanted to be a host or use the app to book a stay with a freelancer, you would have to be able to prove that you are a freelancer. You could do that with a link to your website or a freelance platform you work on. In the process, hosts wouldn’t have to worry about letting just anyone into their home. Neither would freelancers have to worry about hosts being cannibals, perverts, or secret mass murderers.

FreeBnB would essentially be a mix of couch surfing and AirBnB for freelancers. It also sounds catchy as hell.

Any takers?


So let me get this straight. The idea you have in mind is an Airbnb but for freelancers only? So me, as a freelancer, i’m supposed to access Freebnb to rent a room? Is the room/condo i’m renting is for staying the night in a different city, like Vancouver for example, or the main purpose here is to rent a room equipped with all of what a freelancer would need to have a fair work environment?

I’m not sure if i’m receiving your idea right. Like what’s the difference between Airbnb & Freebnb.


Yes. But it wouldn’t be like you could rent an entire apartment. It would just be a network of freelancers who (for a small fee) give other freelancers a place to stay when visiting an area.

Anyone doing that, would simply need to be able to guarantee uninterrupted Internet access.

There are already networks of coworking spaces which provide things like accommodation packages to freelancers. However, these are often expensive. My idea would be to provide the same kind of service, just at a fraction of the cost.


Sir, you might have given me the best idea ever.

We almost finished our house in the countryside, which is 12 kilometers from the city center, there are two bus lines - and it is like 20 mins drive from the airport.

Dang, this house can be created as a freelancer hot-spot, with affordable rents, great internet connection, and breakfast. Plus, there is a good restaurant & coffee bar 2-minutes walk. It’s relatively cheap.

The house has six rooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 kitchens, two giant balconies. Hmmm :thinking:

Yeah, this sounds like a cool idea with the right marketing and promotion.


That’s a tough one to think about tbh. Like, i love the idea that it’s a platform for freelancers only to search for affordable accommodation with specific requirements. Since freelancers do sometimes travel alot for work, it would be a great deal to rent a space which can act like a working space and also stay the night at.

But in the other hand, Airbnb does offer small studios for rent. The question here is, me as a customer, why would i choose Freebnb over Airbnb? Considering the security thing, well i can easily fake a website for 5 bucks on Fiverr that says i’m a freelancer.

Good idea, but is it worth building a whole business similar to Airbnb but instead of it opened for the public, it’s for only freelancers?

Hard thinking about it. Half of me loving the idea & the other half isn’t yet convinced :rofl:


Well, just remember that if it works out, you are always free to throw some $$$'s my way. :wink:

As someone with a background in hospitality, don’t advertise the breakfast as free and don’t mention the restaurant and coffee bar being 2-minutes away. Just say “all local sites and attractions.”

Then upsell everything. :wink:


Well, you can’t convince anyone. In any case, it wouldn’t work. Apparently Godaddy thinks my idea is far more brilliant than you do, and wants me to pay $50,000 to register the domain name.


Now I know who to hire for the copywriting. :metal:


Don’t worry about the domain name, in cases like this، a couple of brainstorming sessions and mind-mapping will definitely help out play around with the name.

Freebnb sounds like i’m about to get a free accommodation, the name might be misleading. You don’t really have to follow the “bnb” thing, don’t you?

I think it’s brilliant too! But i had some questions that needed to be asked.


It won’t work. I did all the brainstorming and mind mapping in my mind. That’s like running data through two supercomputers and having results checked after by Nikola Tesla. FreeBnB was the decisive brand name for what I had in mind.

Not to worry, though, at least I now know that I can crash with @TheFreaky in Macedonia if ever I plan to practice my squats. :wink:


My dad and mom are against the idea to do this and rent our house to freelancers.

Well, if it is their house, you kind of have to let them have their way.

You can always start stirring their tea with matches and wait for them to go a bit senile. After you get them put in some kind of care facility, you can then take control of their estate. That can place a serious strain on your relationship, though. :frowning:

Hi Boys,

It was nice to sip coffee and read your conversation. I have two spare bedrooms in my house. Well, one is my current office. So I guess I have one. But I do not think my hubby would let me rent it out.


Hey Vickie :hugs:

You are so missed. What are you up to? You haven’t been active lately, hope you have an awesome weekend!

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Fiverr and summer have kept me very busy this summer. I enjoy seeing you here again.