I Have a Crawler!


Do you ever have buyers who start of fine but then start being bitchy about everything?

I had one of these. They were ordering 1-2 articles at a time and they were getting a lot for their $$'s. Every article involved tons of research and a huge word count which they never appreciated. They made this obvious by asking snottily for discounts and refusing to accept extensions on deliveries.

(These were always necessary due to this buyer repeatedly ordering in bulk on a gig with a 1-day delivery schedule, despite several polite requests not to do so.)

Anyway, after New Year, it was the last straw. The buyer started purposefully ordering from my crypto gig to get the discount they want and I was a bit irked by that. In this case, I politely informed them that I would not be able to help them with any future orders. Their response?

“There are thousands of writers on Fiverr. Bye and Good Luck.”


Anyway, a couple of weeks pass and my buyer returns. They want content for a full website. I say I’m sorry but I can’t help. I also have a twinge of glee from the impression I get that they have just spent 2-weeks passing mek-sell quality work onto their end client, and now need it all redone because it’s been called out as :poop:.

Of course, I can’t prove that but then just now I get:

"This is urgent. I need you write between 400-500 words for 40 pages asap? It’s all the same as like what you did before. Tell me how to place the order and I’ll send you the details."

Me: “I’m sorry, I can’t help you with such a large project.”

Buyer: “I can send you the pages. You just need to rewrite them.”

Me: “I’m sorry, rewriting doesn’t take any less time and I simply don’t have time to take on such a large order, nor do I offer bulk writing projects in any of my gigs.”

Buyer: “Can you do at least 20 by Friday???”

Me: “No, sorry. There are lots of other writers on Fiverr, though. If you can’t find a suitable gig, maybe consider opening a buyers request and invite people to apply to work on your project.”

Now, I’m not being evil here. I really do not have time to take this project on. I do love, though, how it seems Mr. There’s Thousands of Writers on Fiverr, is suddenly scrambling to have what looks like a month of orders completely redone. The grass musn’t always be greener eh?


If the text is poorly written, then rewriting can often take longer. Especially if the original writer was not fluent in English.


I remember one who was like that. Always revisions, change this, change that, asking for longer scripts than what he paid for… I ended the whole thing by telling him that I’m sorry, but I don’t feel like I’m a good match for his needs, and that I’m sure he’ll be much happier with some other seller, someone who always gets it right the first time.


Did at least act a bit contrite when he returned, or did he just open up with “This is urgent, minion!” ? Also, did you check his reviews etc to spy on his not-so-great new workforce? Assuming he left reviews so they could, that is.

Those clients are definitely up there with the worst though. My bugbear is people who think that you’re some kind of genius who will create perfection (in their image, of course) who then start spitting fireballs when they get the work back. Suddenly, you are worse than a million Satans wrapped up in a mech Hitler with Saddam parasites feasting on the wailing corpses of scalped freelancers past.

It just won’t do.