How's Fiverr Going For You So Far This Year?

This is the anti-brag post - a refreshing antidote to the various brags, humble-brags, and general flexing that lots of people like to do when they’re on a roll.

Here’s me. I would estimate that you are probably doing better than me!

I am suffering a tsunami of idiots - thank God for CS helping me to keep my stats in most cases (I cancelled one gig mutually and lost 4% - I should be at approximately, er, well - just look at the chart).

I am grumpy today because yet another idiot has ordered something that I don’t offer after inboxing me overnight to ask me if I do this and please could I let them know before they order then ordering anyway. He’s either going to change his brief to match the gig he ordered, or he’s getting canceled and yep, blocked. :fu:


Yeah, not gonna happen. Bye forever.

Secondary question: have you noticed a massive uptick in flamin’ morons in the past 2 months? I have.

EDIT: Yes, I have cancelled more money than I made on Fiverr so far this year. Yay!


Hee, hee, hee! :laughing:

Okay, it’s not funny, yet your sentiments reminds everyone that no matter how expensive your gigs, you will still get your share.

I wonder how many other TRS, PRO have have same issues this year. :thinking:


I’ve already written a very pointed message to my SM about the appalling quality of buyers over the Christmas and NY period - he would only need to look into the cancelled gigs to see that the cancellations were practically unavoidable, and not from my side.

I should share the last one actually, he was an illiterate dip:poop: who screeched at me that he would leave me a bad review after cancelling (having told me that the job I was doing was so simple that he was amazed I needed directions and couldn’t be a top copywriter - he provided no directions, nor even a clue of what he wanted me to write about, and got offended at my best guess - locksmithery - based on 3 pictures of what looked like locksmithery. That was, quite literally, the brief). LOL. Top buyer that chap, too. He also had 30-40 pages in the pipeline that would have been ALL mine if I hadn’t gone and ‘been rude’ by reporting his ass to CS (don’t think that I didn’t snark back at him a little). No, don’t worry, this charmer is still on the platform.

The Pros who like to have fireside chats with the community are not going to talk about this if it is happening to them. Not when they’ve got brands built around hard work success to build, anyway. It would be interesting though. The past 2/3 years of Pro I get maybe 1 or 2 buyers like this a year. Last 2 months? It has exploded into crazytown.

That’s before I even get into the deliberate 1-star review I’m engineering into life for next week for another kind of repellent buyer. But I’ll get into that when it comes to pass. He didn’t want to cancel, so he’s getting malicious compliance that should be watertight for CS, with eye-watering rewrite and research charges if he doesn’t like it.

So, that’s how I’m rollin’. Who knows, the bad review may stem the tide.

Anyway, I should probably stop whining/talking myself up and go do work for the lovely buyers who aren’t actually making me despair for the future of humanity now…

P.S. price is not a barrier. It just removes cheapskate and most thick people (as they don’t tend to have the brains to ‘get ahead,’ shall we say), but there are plenty of people with big pockets, no sense, and no idea. They just appear to be out in force at the moment. It’s like being at the Alamo or something.


I have a very slow period on Fiverr.

In the pass three weeks though, I had tons of unresponsive buyers. I blame the holidays for that.

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:grimacing: what a ride at the beginning of a year…

Mine was a bit slow at the beginning, and now looking more or less normal for feb
But I blame it on a Christmas period and my activity.

Last year I stayed on fiverr all December just because I don’t speak the language that my family in law speaks so I was bored all the time and rather spending time on fiverr pretending that I’m working :see_no_evil: so I guess because of that January last year was one of the best months for me ever.
But this December I totally disconnected and was coming online only when completely necessary so I guess it’s also affected this yeears January


Cyka Blyat!

No no, that’s my language that I speak perfectly :see_no_evil:



I’ve been in OOO mode for 3 of the last 8 weeks, so I was expecting a pretty dismal start to January too (I do at least 2 weeks every Xmas/NYE and January is usually :poop:). I am kind of envious of you guy’s quiet Januaries, simply because you’re not wasting mountains of time on client horrorshows (and may the rest of your year be blissfully free of such).

Russian is a very poetic language. I’d try to learn some, but I can’t deal with all those cases. Greek is bad enough with just four. Actually, I just looked Russian up and maybe 6 is doable. At least it’s not Finnish (16. WTF)!

It’s a seller’s lot on Fiverr to never experience true happiness, I think. There’s always a disaster waiting to smother you in misery lurking around the corner :woozy_face:


If you would like to learn a Slavic language, the easiest would be Macedonian or Bulgarian. They don’t have any cases, plus, they are even more “poetic”, our cuss words are nice.

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Thing about Macedonian or Bulgarian is that they’re pretty small languages and not much use outside of their countries - whereas Russian still has a lot of regional influence in terms of communicating abroad (I mean, look at Bald and Bankrupt, although it may be cheating a bit to spend most your time in Belarus/Ukraine).

I’m also a bit too lazy (and English) to learn another language too properly… I’m pretty sure I can outdo meksells with awful skillz in all my ‘best languages’!

Yeah, well with Russian you could actually travel in most of the Stans and the states which had ex-soviet influence. In Slovakia, the elder people spoke Russian, well and some of them spoke broken Serbian. However, the English was reserved just for the hotels and the bars in the city center of Bratislava.

I think you actually speak a second language, and very well too, that’s the Indo-Paki-Arabo-English or commonly referred as Mekselish.

I have had more “not fun” buyers in January than I have had in a long time.


Have you had an uptick in buyers from the insurance industry (any insurance)? I’ve not had any issues with those particular buyers, but I’ve had an unusual amount of orders/interest from them. Oh, and realtors, who we all know are up there with the worst kind of client.

i giving the good massage to my bayers dear. very importrant to make sell with adored relationshits.


It is interesting, how everyone says realtors are the worst kind of client. For me as a designer, they are always OK-ish clients. For me the worst clients are the 40-50 years old women life coaches. They are very arrogant and demanding.

Especially “relationshits”. :sweat_smile:

We will all be going to hell. You bet on it! :joy:

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Yes, add them to the list. Any age group.

Oops, what an unfortunate typo! :wink:


They’ve mostly been okay for me, too.

Any age, actually.

Some were mostly all right, until they started asking for free stuff (after a few orders), but fortunately, they’ve simply disappeared after I said no. Others were among the worst clients I’ve had, overdemanding and never satisfied.


Last year, I had a life coach who life coached other life coaches on how to be better life coaches come to me.

She was okay as a client. However, she then told her life coach students about me, as I got quite the flurry of inbox messages from these people saying that X had sent them here. One of them ended up ordering from me twice (despite me using every trick in the book to put them off).

She was a difficult client (primarily because she had no idea what she was doing and had a knack for picking out the worst kind of z-list reality TV celebrity inspirational :poop: to bolster her own business, plus what kitty said). Clearly, flogging MLM magazines for some reality TV contestant who came 99th in some TLC special in 1996 was the route to success for her. I imagine the z-lister was thrilled to find a mug to promote their own badly-produced dross.

Still though, 5-star reviews and a sneak peek into a strange bizarro underworld of desparation with a frisson of annoyance? Nothing new for a seasoned Fiverr seller. Well, that was until just before Christmas, a few months after all this and I’d forgotten about these people when she did a chargeback. Two. Basically, all the work I had done for her was now unpaid.

I got my money back from Fiverr, but yeah - not a fan. I couldn’t help but notice that while the original Boss Life Coach was actually not too bad, her stable of clients was absolutely full of idiots, and couldn’t help but wonder if that was her own life coaching business model - finding gullible, stupid people and getting them to pay her God knows how much $ to show them how to be rich and successful while making all the right noises.

It’s a bit tragic really - the whole online XYZ coaching industry is full of these types, both prey and victim. I would much prefer that neither came to me. Or at least excitably shriek at me in my inbox so I can run away first.



Then I am not only one with “life coach” problems as I can see. So far, almost all of them knew more then me about everything. When you do job like you always do and they say “I read that it needs to be this and that and not like you did”. But, that is professional way of work… “No, no, I read…” and so on and on.