:five: How to Use Fiverr (101 for Buyers) :five:

In the upcoming weeks/months, I have some articles coming out that is dedicated to helping buyers find the right type of sellers to include:

  • Article Writers
  • Proofreaders/Editors
  • Beta Readers
  • Illustrators/Artist

Among article helpful tips and advice exclusively for buyers. Before I publish those articles, here is a tidbit on “How to Use Fiverr: for beginners” written by your friendly neighborhood anonymous writer name U. R.! :grin:

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So you’ve decided to give Fiverr a try and get some stuff done with the help of its freelance contractors.

Before anything, you must first register for a free account because you obviously cannot make anonymous purchases. Once your account is ready, it’s time to do some searching.

Just go to the homepage and from there you will have two choices:

  • either use the search field to type in a service you’re interested in, or
  • click on any of the categories to browse the gigs currently offered
    (if you later change your mind about the category, you’ll see a top navigation bar showing you all the major categories at every step)

The first time you search for a service you will most likely get overwhelmed by the number of results, options, prices and whatnot.

So a word of advice: don’t rush, and don’t buy a random gig, because that can lead to misunderstandings and difficulties with the chosen freelancer (two common reasons why Fiverr is mislabeled as ‘scam’ are the lack of research and rushing to purchase without reading the label!)

Now, you have all those catchy images and titles in front of you, but which one should you choose?

For starters, you should consider narrowing down the results by applying specific filters on the left side of the listings. You can choose a more specific subcategory,

  • enter a price range based on your budget,
  • choose a delivery time, seller seniority, change the sort order, etc.

OK, so you've narrowed your search down to a dozen of potential gigs, but they all look great! Now it's time to do some research work. 

Go through each of those gigs you’ve found and carefully look at the portfolio images to see the seller’s past work. But don’t stop there — scroll down and compare the packages offered by the seller and their pros & cons.

Next, read the About section where the seller tells you exactly what they are offering (this is an important step that, if not read, leads to a lot of confusion, misunderstandings and an overall bad experience), as well as the FAQ section where you’ll find common questions asked by previous customers along with the seller’s answers.

After you’ve seen what each gig offers in more detail, it’s also best to go through the past customers’ experiences by reading their reviews, not just the positive but also the negative ones. This way you’ll get a better idea of the problems you might encounter and how the seller dealt with them.

Finally, after you’ve picked the gig that matches your needs, select the desired package and proceed to the checkout page where you can also opt for special add-ons called ‘Extras’ for additional features before placing the order.

Once you place the order, you’ll be presented with an instructions form where the seller asks you some questions regarding the information they need from you to deliver the order.

If everything goes smoothly you’ll receive your delivery in due time, after which you can rate your experience with the seller for others to see and learn from. If something goes wrong, don’t worry since Fiverr gives you the tools to request revisions or handle any dispute through the ‘resolution center’ or its Customer Support service.

So what are you waiting for? Go search, buy, and have fun!

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Well, not so anonymous here :eyes:

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