How to spot a fake review on Fiverr

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Fiverr & Fake Reviews: Easily Spot Fake Seller Reviews

In late 2015, the freelance marketplace Fiverr was catapulted into the media spotlight for all the wrong reasons. Over 1,000 individual Fiverr sellers had been caught selling fake Amazon eBook and product reviews. What’s more, Amazon had finally decided that enough was enough.

Some authors were allegedly using fake reviews bought on Fiverr to rank better in Amazon searches. Amazon subsequently decided to take legal action against all 1,114 people on Fiverr selling such reviews.

Fiverr’s Own Fake Review Problem

Sadly, while Amazon might have successfully tackled its own fake review problem, many Fiverr sellers still offer fake review and product testimonial services. That’s right. They’re offering these services to fellow Fiverr sellers. Because of the sheer amount of competition on Fiverr, some sellers are using fake reviews to artificially manipulate their own rankings and seller profiles.

Separating Fiverr Fake Review Hysteria from the Reality

Anyone who regularly uses Fiverr to buy services will stumble upon Fiverr’s own fake review controversy at some point. The good news is that, for the most part, it’s relatively easy to spot sellers who buy reviews and/or engage in review swaps with their fellow sellers. That said, it’s important for people to remember that Fiverr’s own fake review problem isn’t as bad as many people like to imagine.

Have you recently found a seller on Fiverr with several glowing reviews, all from the same buyer? Don’t immediately assume that all such reviews are illegitimate. Many successful sellers on Fiverr, after all, work with the same clients on a regular basis. Because of this, the majority of such reviews will be genuine.

Of course, recurring reviews from the same buyers can also be an indicator of sellers attempting to manipulate their ratings. Such reviews, however, will almost always be accompanied by other warning signs.

Spotting Fake Reviews Made Easy

As a rule, the easiest way to spot fake reviews on Fiverr is to look for those which have been left by other Fiverr sellers. This is because reviews on Fiverr can only be left by people who have actually bought and paid for the services. Some new Fiverr sellers will attempt to open secondary Fiverr accounts to buy and leave reviews for their own services. Alternately, some will reach out to other new sellers to exchange reviews by means of multiple gig purchases.

Other Fake Review Red Flags

Are you interested in hiring a seller but have a feeling that their reviews might not be 100% genuine? If so, select suspicious reviews and click on the name of the reviewer. When you do this, Fiverr will open the reviewer’s personal Fiverr profile. Red flags to look out for on such profile pages can include:

Indicators that people who have left reviews are actually Fiverr sellers who offer similar services.

Indicators that people who have left reviews are from the same geographic location as a suspect seller.

Indicators that people who have left reviews having joined Fiverr in the exact same month and year as a seller you are thinking of hiring.

Avoiding Fake Reviews Completely on Fiverr

Of course, some Fiverr sellers are very clever when it comes to amassing fake reviews. Some sellers, for example, will attempt to get social media friends and relatives to join Fiverr in order to buy their gigs and leave reviews.

Regardless of how devious a fraudulent seller is, they can still easily be avoided. Any review will always cost the seller a minimum of $5 to purchase. Astute buyers, in this case, can always simply choose to avoid sellers with minimal or suspicious reviews. Even the most determined seller, after all, isn’t going to invest hundreds of dollars just for the sake of making $5 in return.