How to Get Traffic to Your Website: FREE *(SPAM)*

Maybe there need to be some guidelines somewhere that tell new members what’s allowed and what’s not?

FF does have an advertise your gigs section, so I can see why posters may think it’s acceptable here because there isn’t anything to tell them it isn’t? :slightly_smiling_face:

Having an ‘advertise your gig’ section might encourage new freelancers to sign up and then participate in the discussions. :wink:


I don’t think someone who spends a lot of time creating a profile and one post then disappearing into the ether is necessarily interested in participating in a community.

Spamming, on the other hand…


We all know how that panned out on the F forum. :wink:
“I got my first sale”.
“Happy for you, bro!”

Or just discussion on how to get the first sale. It won’t take much until people start using MyBuzz for review exchanges and other shady “BlackHat” forum activities. :slight_smile:


Aye, but if they’re all in the one place, nobody has to read them if they don’t want to. :slightly_smiling_face:

To be fair to the OP, he did make a lovely profile, and a really well formatted post. Obviously took time over it!


None of this negates the fact that he is spamming - and while this is definitely higher quality than the pigsite one, much of it is likely a copy-paste from a file he already has to hand for his daily ‘spam a bunch of small forums in the hope that somebody will order from me’ strategy.

So there!


LOL! :slightly_smiling_face:


Put the handbags down, ladies.

Maybe instead of an area to post spam or my Fiverr gigs, @RegiAdd could set up a landing page where people can pay to have their freelance portfolio showcased. (Pending editorial approval.) When a spammer posts spam, they get sent a link to cough up a few $$'s or get on their bike.


Excellent idea, and a fabulous compromise! :slightly_smiling_face:

Plus a revenue stream for the site owner. :heavy_dollar_sign:


Yeah, I should say that I would like commission on every order too. - It was my idea, after all. I also happen to have a catchy domain I’m squatting which could be good for that kind of thing. :wink:


Not a bad idea - would also cut spam down to about 0%, which is nice.

I’d love to know what @mmizan18 thinks of this, once he returns from another hard day down the spam mines.


I doubt that he’ll ever return.

Spamming every single forum he finds is hard work, and answering questions like: “Err, why are you spamming this forum?” wouldn’t leave him enough time to do it.


Just an example of his high quality backlink creation services, I suppose. I’m sure his clients love how he just parachutes links into forums, only to then get backlash from the community and potential deletion by the admin for, well, spamming.

That’s a bit bad for business, really - isn’t it @mmizan18? Of course, I do see that results for that gig take some 45-odd days to materialize, while orders are closed and considered complete after 3 days - presumably working something like Fiverr - which means that there’s quite a lot of scope for another s-word on top of spamming.

Of course, such a long service time would not be allowed on Fiverr; Legiit may be a little looser in this regard. Unfortunately, the FAQ for the gig indicates:

We see results on average within 45 days. Google works like that, so please be patient, you may see some fluctuation, it’s normal. If within 60 days you won’t see positive results, provide your ranktracker screenshot and I will help you or get you a full refund. Your site must be min 9 months old.

Of course, this doesn’t go with what another FAQ says:

**There are over 300 factors in SEO and each case is different, if your site is not penalized or limited in any way by other factors, then you should see an increase in ranking. If not, you will get a full refund. Applies only to Standard and Premium package.

Ah, so if you get the basic gig, you can jog on, as well as if you site is less than 9 months old. But in the meantime, you’re going to have to wait 60 days and keep this at the front of your mind.

Doesn’t seem very “Legiit” to me at all, tbh.

Q: if the site is not 9 months old when you do the work but it is 9 months old after we’ve all dragged our balls on the floor waiting for a whole quarter to expire, are people entitled to a refund or not?

I imagine not; after all, money is money, and once it’s in your pocket… :thinking:

P.S. check out the primary spammer on this sad-looking subreddit; as you can see, it’s classic copypasta spam - which is what a client should expect whether paying $10 (basic) or $90 (premium).

Worth noting the promoted Fiverr account is deleted now as well.


Um, so where are these spammers coming from and how did they find this tiny obscure forum? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Perhaps from Quora?


I was just about to ask this question. Two spammers in a row, how did they find Mybuzz? :thinking:


OMFG, I’m laughing so hard reading these comments. :joy:

@mmizan18 The fact that you’re using tumblr and blogspot. Automatically disqualifies you of being LEGIIT!
Dust yourself off and try again.


Yup, he’s BUSTED. I wouldn’t pay him a penny for these rubbish techniques.

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I made this same suggestion under the “site suggestions” category yesterday.


Do you mean ‘site suggestions’ on FF @glacierlily? They’ve got the MFG section already - maybe something similar could be done here?

Well, if the spammers are finding it, maybe genuine freelancers will as well? :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh, do check out his Tumblr (whole 2 posts!), and his high authority profile backilnks samples. Does Gravatar even count for something, or am I being ignorant?