How Does COVID-19 Impact Your Freelance Business

Interestingly, the COVID-19 didn’t hit my gig about social media setup and design as I thought it will. Due to most of the businesses shifting on deliveries and e-commerce, I have seen a spike from buyers that come from specific fields. Those fields are dropshipping, affiliate marketing, online classes, and podcast hosts.

I haven’t gotten any self-help consultants nor real estate buyers in almost two months. Also, most of my clients which are resellers (marketing agencies based in the US and UK) stopped ordering. I often get in touch with some of them, and they told me their businesses were on hold as they lost many of their clients.

However, on the other side, I have read stories that the current situation had affected many of the niches on the Upwork and Fiverr. A person that I know from discord, a content writer specialized in the travel - got fired. This isn’t just the case for him, there are many similar stories.

I am curious, do you guys have a spike in orders from a specific group of clients or do you notice a loss from specific niches? How’s your business doing?


With the COVID 19, prevalence now, I find I am proofreading many articles concerning the virus. Pieces such as how to stay healthy to be better equipped to avoid the infection, and what it is and how to prevent getting the illness.

I continue to proofread for regulars who have various technical documents. Also, I have been proofreading online classes for instructors. Another area that keeps me busy is advertising for law firms and real estate businesses.

Overall my business is down a bit from its high in December but the last two months have been about the same income-wise.

It’s hard to say, fiverr is ghosting my gig, so it might be that I have less orders because of fiverr algorithm and not because of covid. I see my premade logos from logo maker is still selling good.

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This past one and a half month, I’ve seen an increase. Maybe it’s because, with the Covid-19 forcing everyone to stay home, writers and non-writers have more time to sit and write down.

Same as Lilly, I’ve been doing technical documents - although I have also done financial and product descriptions. More orders were for translation than for proofreading, and all of them were from regular buyers.

Yesterday I was contacted buy two buyers that are interested on me. They want their books to be proofread. Let’s see what happens.

BTW, I have no more likes. I owe you. :sweat_smile:

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Still getting repeat buyers and some new business. The volume has certainly noticeably dropped. I have noticed a number of Covid-19 related articles as well.

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