How do You Price?

Do they get angry when you narrow it down in the copy (if you narrow it down)?

Not really, but there are always delightful exceptions! So long as you tell them why and show how this can help them sell more etc they’ll think you’re amazing because you’ve shown them something they hadn’t thought of/would never think of that will help them to make sales.

Although one shouldn’t promise that, of course - it’s one thing to have a beautifully written piece of copy, but quite another to successfully drive traffic toward it that may act on it. That’s another reason a smaller, more accurate target market is better: you can get a higher conversion rate, making customer acquisition cheaper. I think a lot of Fiverr buyers go wrong there - sometimes I go to old orders and see how the site is going. More often than not, it’s offline and presumably closed due to lack of biz/interest/too much work.

If anyone did get angry, I eventually refuse to work with them, report them to Fiverr and block them. And cancel their order if necessary. Here are some snippets from the last one to give you an idea of how that pans out (and with the consultative approach, too!)

I thought he might be targeting locksmiths as all of his reviews with previews mentioned (guess what) and his brief was basically “please write the content for this [blank] website page and see images [of locks] for reference.” My ‘mistake’ was telling him he was being “unnecessarily combative” in his responses to my exploratory questions.

It is useful when they show their true colors early on, I suppose. Incidentally, all those reviews with previews linked to defunct businesses :woman_shrugging: - no wonder he had such a chip on his shoulder…


I love those “I thought it would be enough for a trained professional” (or “I thought you were a professional”) comments. Not.

(Forum is now warning me that I should encourage everyone to get involved in the conversation. Hey, everyone, get over here and talk to each other!) :smile_cat:


Oh, in another message he said:

Can I see example of short sale pages, you do sound “professional”

It could be fun to have a bad buyers you have known and loved thread that takes their choice angry quotes and share them. Lord knows, I have built quite the collection over the years…

We could create Bad Buyer Bingo! Although to be fair someone has probably already done that. They can’t help but say the same things, can they?


There’s always “Clients From Hell”. :smile_cat:


For me, it is fairly simple to price my services. Usually, my target that I want to earn is $30 per hour. Before giving the price to a client (if the project is custom), I assess all of the information and do an estimate of how much time it will take me and I price accordingly.

In the past couple of months, I have start including a fee for depreciation for my gear and software that I have purchased.

Well, I do have one regular client for whom I actually work as an art director. They are paying me a lot less than my target, but I don’t want to negotiate as they are steady income. Most of us know that on sties such as Fiverr and Upwork, one month you can make great money, but the next month things are going to be very bad. Hence, why they have a great deal for my services. :slight_smile:


Well, this can be a great spin-off thread.

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Thank you to all who have replied. This has been so invaluable. I found some very useful information I will implement.

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That copybloger resource is amazing. At the bottom of the article in the author bio listed some links that were had tremendous value. That information opened my eyes to how much one can make off one of these big platforms. I never knew so many other opportunities existed.