How about building habits together?

I was just having a discussion with myself talking about how screwed up my life is starting to be. Waking up late, always craving for that unhealthy food, always procrastinating, and i found some pretty bad habits that i need to change. I even have a book about building habits that i never put in mind to finish reading it.

So i thought about a really good idea that we could do as a small community. How about we build good habits together? We can set a list of habits that we are willing to change or build, and perhaps those who have the same habits they are willing to build, we can set a group chat for this specific reason. And with that being said, we can lift each other up, share useful information about building/changing habits and also perhaps have like a weekly discussion where each one of us have to say truthfully if he has been taking actions to change/build his habits or not.

I personally would love to try this out. I feel like doing this together will benefit all of us and will even make each one of us feel committed in changing his habits as well since all of us are doing it!

What you guys think? Perhaps let’s start off by mentioning one habit we are willing to change, and see how things go from there.

Who’s up for the challenge?


I like it, it’s a good idea!

I think it’s roughly agreed on by behavioral experts (or whatever kind of expert specializes in the study of habits - habitologists?) that it only really takes around 25 days to “break the cycle” - after this, you should be just fine. (I’m not entirely convinced)

If you would like to fast with me occasionally, learn how to drink your own urine as part of an ancient Indian practice called Shivambu, and take up chain smoking, I’d be more than happy to take you on as an apprentice.

Otherwise, I’m afraid that I don’t do well in groups and I quite like my bad habits. :frowning:

Maybe get a dog or child to look after. Walking and feeding them 3 times a day forces you into good habit forming behaviors. (If you are a decent human being.)

I do like your idea. However, it would work best if you could get everyone into a big freelancer house and make them live with each other (while freelancing) for a month or so. - Kind of like MyBuzz Big Brother.

I always meant to ask, and since you’ve bought it up, how exactly does one shivambu? Do you wake up, fill up a refreshing glass and then down it, or is there some more technical stuff to it?

MyBuzz Big Brother could be fun, until it descends into freelance Lord of the Flies.

I will join you. However, I refuse to get up before 7 or 8 am. I look at it as a privilege of my age. :older_woman:

Yep, that is an issue for me. :roll_eyes: Another habit I want to break is eating at night after 8.

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You can do that. However, it’s best to do it a bit more… IDK scientifically?

There isn’t a set way I’ve found. My way is to fast first. After 1 or 2 weeks, your internal home brew goes rancid, as your body starts releasing a shed load of evil which it has been storing safely in the fat your liver is now metabolizing for energy. For me this usually lasts a week. After that, you just guzzle as much as you want.

The morning one is apparently the most potent and does pick you up like an energy drink. After that, it’s up to you whether you want to cycle your waters continually, or just stick to the morning infusion. By this time, the taste is like sweet warm water which is bizarrely satiating.

The one thing you need to watch out for is what foods you start reintroducing. Anything processed starts making you feel ill as ■■■■ and makes your pee taste like chemicals. Different vegetables (anything in the nightshade family) have a similar effect. As does pork and any seafood which isn’t fresh fish.

Actually, you basically learn by trial and error that you need to ideally adopt a kosher diet. - Which is interesting. Or go vegan or full carnivore. I wouldn’t recommend vegan. Keto is a good option though.

You basically learn to self-identify what your body wants.

You can also go a bit deeper and get into the hormonal side of things. Hormones are basically chemicals which can’t be destroyed by cooking and effect all animal life the same way, regardless of species. This is pretty significant given that all the animals we eat are female.

Start just eating male animals and your testosterone starts to increase. Also, if you are a couple (male and female). You can drink each others morning home brew. Your body fights to maintain homeostasis. - Basically balance. If a man drinks a woman’s pee, he gets a sudden shock of estrogen to the system. His body, therefore, works harder to produce more testosterone to counter the effect. The same is true for women on the testosterone vs. estrogen front.

This is interesting, as estrogen and testosterone levels start naturally dropping from 27ish onward. However, theoretically, when you have a man and wife doing Shivambu together, this slow down gets put off much later due to them both directly kickstarting estrogen and testosterone production every morning. Hence, you potentially push back the menopause and aging itself.

Of course, finding a spouse who is open to the idea of Shivambu isn’t really something you can do on Tinder. :wink:

I knew the Native Americans often drank their urine when they were in the desert and water was scarce, but I did not know it was an actual health thing. I learn so much from hanging out with you guys.

I guess I have led a sheltered life.

Interesting: I just got a message that the word as - soci - ating is not allowed here.

This is fascinating and if it wasn’t what it is I could be tempted to try it out. However, it is what it is, and so I shall likely have to be stuck on a life raft in the middle of the Indian Ocean to try it - I’m boring like that.

I wonder if breathatarians shivambu. Their diet is basically fresh air - from everything else you’ve said, it sounds like a bit of shiva’ might help them with various things. And it’s not exactly something you’d put in your marketing collateral, is it? Not when you’ve got the golden sun to sell instead: that’s a lot more palatable to the average person who wants to stop eating and drinking (I’m not sure that fluids harvested from one’s own corps counts as fluid, as technically, it was inside you).

Sorry Joe - this post is going a little off-topic! What is your habit-breaking book called (as*suming it’s English)

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In fairness, if you tell any doctor you plan to drink your pee, they will section you. It’s a very controversial, non-medically backed ‘therapy.’ However, the key ingredients in many cosmetics, contraceptive pills, and fertility drugs are derived from human female and pig urine. In this case, the medical community has some double standards. :slight_smile:

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It seems all words with hidden buttocks are now not allowed. I assume it’s the software playing up again - see my assuming (same thing)!

EDIT: well, there’s the ugly accidental workaround.

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I don’t know. Breatharians actually scare me. I used to think that they were lying or just quacks. However, every time I fast, I end up having no desire for food at all. Energy levels go down at first but then start increasing and eventually go up higher than they were before. I also seem to stop losing weight and in my head think "I should just keep doing this until if and when I get hungry and see if this breatharian business is legitimate?"

BUT Then I also start thinking, “Is this how all anorexic people start on their journey?” And the fear of that makes me grab a steak and get mortal drunk like a 12-year-old on one beer in the pub to make sure I’m still sane. :slight_smile:

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You do have the wizened old Chinamen legends though… which may be the root of Breathatarianism. Link not especially relevant, just a quick example of what I’m about to talk about (note disputed dates)

That wiki article doesn’t really mention it, but if you dig down deep enough, you’ll find quite a few super-old Asian (typically Chinese) people who lived for centuries. Given that in China this was an approved therapy, there could be a connection. Of course, there’s little in the way of any evidence that these people actually lived that long as record keeping was a bit spottier back then, and there’s plenty of troubling times between here and then to lose a lot of it.

So, maybe it’s that. Don’t forget the Bible’s superold people (along with the giants etc). I’d discard the anorexia angle, as it’s focused far too much on the self-image, however it comes to exist in that person’s mind. They do share elements of strong self-discipline though - just very different intents.

Sign me up!

Except for the chickens, we eat the broilers - which are mostly hens. At least what our professor taught us.

@JoeKamel I do not recommend using Tinder for dating, except if you want to hang out with mostly lunatics. I have found an enormous number of crazy gals on Tinder. One of them even started calling me late at nights. At the end she blocked me on social media. And can you image, I didn’t have any kind of intercourse with her. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Dude, booty call!

Yep, it’s booty call in the western countries. However, in Macedonia, only super-psycho girls use Tinder - which are looking for long-term boyfriends. After a date with them, you should block them. :wink:

Ah yes, that would be different. A kiss on the lips, a lifetime of bunny boiling. Mind you, Tinder makes filtering out those kind of sweet girls easy; IRL, you may be too easily seduced by their ample and eager charms…

I actually see them as “easy” girls.

Oh, I had a chat with one crazy girl, I still keep the print screens (it’s a shame that only Cat might understand them as they are in Macedonian). That very same girl actually rejected a friend of mine in a very bad way. Then after a few days she texted me, and kept commenting on my Instagram stories on daily basis.

I thought of translating them, but it’s better not to be shared. :smile:

I wouldn’t recommend dating online at all. I’ve only done it once and couldn’t get away quick enough. There’s also the fact that people who use apps like Tinder regularly use Tinder. If you need a third hand bike which it is hard to pull the breaks on, go for it. If you want a relationship, join a book club.

Otherwise known as STD sponges. You have to be careful. A lot of girls like that are easy and well versed on the dating circuit because they have a strict list of terms which need to be met. Usually, those terms are financial. That’s why when a guy sits down to dinner, he says “you look nice.” Whereas girls start with, "So… What do you do?"

Of course, there are some exceptions:


Oooh, I love these fake social experiment videos!

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Indeed, a close friend of mine, every time, when he visits his dad’s factory, most of the girls start flirting with him (because he is the son of the boss). It’s crazy, and gold diggers can be easily spotted from an airplane (in most of the cases).

About the one with the crazy-print screens, she was actually a girl like that.

In a nutshell, there are many girls from the smaller towns and villages which enroll to college so they can find a boyfriend from the capital city, and thus play their “innocent girl” card just to entrap the boys into a relationships. On the other side, they are “used” as a second-hand Toyota Camry from the 90’s. Everything boils down to how desperate is the boy to get in a relationship with such a girl.