How a Simple “Thank You” Can Turn Someone’s Day Around

Article by: B. Collins

We’ve all been there; we’ve all had those days.

Those days where nothing seems to be going our way, but we keep putting effort into all our work and do our best to try and turn the day around.

Even though we may feel like we’re crumbling on the inside, we go the extra mile to try and make other people’s days better and to turn our sorrows into successes.

By the end of the day, we can feel the pressure from the day building up and the stress that we had to brush to the side while we piled on the workload from our boss to try and please him or her.

You return home feeling defeated, anxious for the next day’s work, and unsure of today’s progress.

Just as you feel you’re going to snap from stretching yourself so thin between projects at work and taking care of the kids at home, you tuck your toddler into bed when they thank you for making a delicious dinner.

Somehow, that simple gesture from your 4-year-old was enough to turn your day around. You have a newfound sense of motivation and happiness that drowns out the previous day’s worries.

However, science has recently found that there’s a lot more to thank you than just two words expected within society.

The Psychological Impact of Being Thanked

“Thank You” is no longer just proper manners, hearing these words has a psychological effect that leaves a lasting impact on people.

Hearing these two words can release endorphins in your brain that not only make you happier, but also promote better mental and physical health. When you are happier, it can become easier to live a healthier lifestyle.

Not only that but saying thank you to friends and family can help to strengthen your bond and build connections that may not have been there in the past.

By being thanked, many individuals will become more willing to help the same person again in the future. When they are told that their help was appreciated, they will be more motivated to see how else they can be of assistance.

People who are thanked often experience a boost in self-esteem after it is shown that they are appreciated. Individuals love to know that they are loved, and when they do, their confidence can, and most likely will, skyrocket.

Not just being thanked, but being thankful can also help to make your life even better.

When we recognize that we are grateful for what we have around ourselves, we will often stop searching for a better life and can focus on what we have. When we stop continually looking for ways to improve, we can appreciate what we have and become happy within the moment.

Both being thanked and being thankful can lower your stress levels and lead to a more positive mindset.

How to Say, “Thank You” In Day-To-Day Life

Sometimes, we can be thankful for our friends and family, but finding the right way to thank them for all they have done for us can seem impossible.

There are countless ways to show your appreciation for somebody around you.

For starters, there’s the ever-so-classic verbal cue-- just say, “Thank you!”. As long as it is genuine, your friend or family member will recognize your gratitude and will be glad to hear they are appreciated.

However, if saying “thank you” doesn’t seem like it will suffice, you can always write a note, letter, or card to give to your peers. With these types of messages, the receiver can hold onto the memory and will often be reminded that they are welcomed and respected in day-to-day life.

“Thank You’s” can also be accompanied by some type of gift to show just how much the person means to you.

No matter the size of the gift, the fact that you thought about the person who helped you is enough to show just how thankful you are to have them in your life.

If you’re short with money, you can always buy a candy bar or a small token of your appreciation, but if you’re up for it, you can still go for the “big guns” and buy your friend or family member something they’ve wanted for a long time.

Alternatively, perhaps you can bake them a scrumptious dessert or invite them out to lunch at their favorite restaurant.

However, it’s important to remember that “thank you’s” aren’t about gifts. Notes and even just saying the words “thank you” is a sure-fire way to show your friends and family how much you appreciate them.

Even though “thank you” is only two words, just by saying it, you can help to make a person’s terrible day to be flipped upside down. Try it today to see how you can lighten up your life and the life of those around you.

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