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I have noticed that after getting to know you, Mr. Investor. I still :heart: you! But I am wondering if all Indians are as verbal as you too?

Actually, you are the only non-Native American Indian I know. So I can only take your word for the statement I quoted.



I had met a lot of Indians in the US. Most of them were hospitable and helpful people. There was an Indian colleague of my dad, which helped us settle.


The memes are more entertaining for that line, I have to say.

(Tata status: saved - but only just)


She needs a very supportive tata holder! :open_mouth:


That she does - If mine were that bountiful, I wouldn’t be running for fear of having my eyes out!


You know Aunt Vickie, I love you like my own mom, but why on earth do you think I am emotional? I said “Indians are an emotional people.” I am by no means a typical Indian. And yes, even if you knew every single non-native American Indian on the planet, you wouldn’t really know me…even my mom doesn’t. Haha.

(Unless you mistake the permanent smirk on my face for “emotion”. )


I think you are emotional because of the passion you seem to have for anything to do with politics. Honestly, I swear I can feel your emotions through what you say and the way you say it. When you do get all wound up, I do not like to take part in those conversations because I enjoy conversations that are more on the pleasant side. :wink:

I think I have figured that much out. :slightly_smiling_face:

Maybe passionate would be a better word.


Aunt Vickie…I am completely non-emotional when it comes to my own life. Emotional when it comes to my country because there is still some hope. When that goes away, that’s when I become completely cold blooded.

And don’t even get me started on my fellow Indians.


Me too!