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Largely the product of a blissfully boring Sunday morning, I’ve decided to create the first MyBuzz weekly newsletter! View it below or grab a downloadable PDF by clicking here: Google Drive Link

Also, I kind of did this as an experiment to see how easy newsletters are to put together. In this case, all feedback is welcome, especially if you have experience selling newsletter related services on places like Fiverr.


I love it.


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This is pure gold! How come you didn’t mention the troubled Macedonian student - you should be ashamed of yourself!


British aid to India: $98 million

India’ s aid to Africa, Afghanistan, etc.: Over $5 billion.

$98 million will buy you about 120 houses in HSR Layout, Bangalore, my colony.

All it really does is to give Brits a fleeting sense of superiority.

Understand: Indian companies are the biggest investors in Britain after US companies. The Indian investment is probably $30 billion or more.

As a shareholder of 3 such companies I think investing in a country like Britain which is very much on the decline is a foolish thing to do. Anyway.

Finally…what exactly is this British aid to India? Its not aid to India as such, India stopped receiving foreign aid the day Modi became the PM. We believe in trade, not aid. British so-called aid is money that goes to some private charities or NGOs in India.

India is an aid giver, not taker. We give billions in aid to Afghanistan, Africa and even Iran for strategic reasons.

Well, India has to fight for political supremacy in that region. You would be able to exploit a lot of resources from Africa. Just as China did. Don’t you want India to succeed in the game of geopolitics?


Where did I say that was wrong?

I won’t say that regarding the British companies, after all, they have great intangible as-sets like powerful brands. Which Indian companies can use to turn even more profit.

A lot of people over the world now of JRL, but not many know of Tata outside of India.

I was just sayin’ :wink:

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Do you know the ROI on that? What’s the ROI on Tata’s purchase of Corus Steel, JLR and Tetley? Tetley is okay…but the other two are a massive negative. It was nothing more than an ego move for Ratan Tata, who was probably fed up of all the nonsensical talk of British aid to India. Never mix ego or emotions with business. Ratan Tata is a nationalist and a patriot, and I admire him for that, but he is a big fool and got owned.

The problem with Indians is that we are an emotional people.



Animaniacs! I love them. It’s the wittiest cartoon, with so many jokes that only adults would understand.



I’m getting more than a little tired of your anti-British rants to be honest.

If I were to say half the stuff about your country or any other for that matter, I’d expect to get thrown off the platform for being xenophobic.

I may be the only UK resident on here, but I’d really appreciate it if you’d stop it please. Thank you.


My response was to the stuff about British aid to India. Which I found to be disparaging. We are not some freakin client country that survives on British aid.

I reacted strongly because I have heard this same talk made a million times before…on British media, social media, politicians etc.

I have nothing against Britain. 3 of my best clients who are now my friends are from there. One of them is also a business partner. I resent the implication that I have anything against the UK. That the UK is on the decline is a fact, something my friends/clients (and for that matter most people in the UK) agree with.

See the videos of Peter Hitchens on YouTube. Christopher Hitchen’s brother. He explains what’s wrong with present day UK, why it came to be and what can be done about it. He is a true patriot who loves his country. Also read essays by the brilliant Theodore Dalrymple on modern day British culture and society.

Anyway, I’m done here. Goodbye and good luck everyone. Waste of time.

There is no need to make a point! Everybody knows that India is on the ruse, and that it would catch up with many countries. If you want to discuss such stuff as hating the Brits go on alt-right forums. It would more sense to do so.

Don’t care about what the media says. Most of us here, unlike the media, like India, and appreciate what India does, as well as we like you as a friend. :slight_smile:


This post needs more GIFs. and OT newsletter discussion. I, for one, though Cy did a fantastic job of putting all the happenings of the past week in a digestible format that was amusing to read with lovely little details. I am a subscriber to this occasional series, and if I ever have a newsletter, I’ve found my editor.


Wow!!! That is just amazing! :heart_eyes:

I mean wow! I’m on my phone, otherwise, I’d be posting confetti!


I’ve got your back.


There’s only so much my team can cover in one issue, I’m afraid. Maybe next week I’ll see if I can lightly roast you over some Macedonian Tinder womanizing accusations… :thinking:


I look forward to the roast!

I can’t believe nobody said “Tata for now”.

Although if any financial newsletter writers need a headline, I will ignore the ghastly plagiarism that transpires.

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