Hot Off The Press! - My Buzz Weekly 2nd Edition

Well, there wasn’t much to work with this week, but here we go. See a PDF of this week’s unofficial forum newsletter by using the Google Drive link here.


Didn’t want to come back…

But you sick … Aunt Vickie is like my mom. What do you mean flirting with her? Shows your sick mind. Creep.

Stupid GIF too long. But it did force me to find this, which is also accurate in terms of excitement at #2 of the World’s Best Roasty Newsletter

OK, guess we have to try again.

(Giving up now)




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Well no doubt its amusing to read… I also hope everyone mentioned in the Newsletter will take it lightly as a humor/joke as it is intended to… Anyone here who knows CY and his witty nature would probably enjoy it…



I would hope so too. :wink: Also, anyone can take over creating newsletters for the forum if they feel so inclined to.


The newsletter:point_down:

I could help you co-create, but first I need to come up with an amazing pen name and tawdry journalist persona. I feel lit would help me to get into the spirit more.


Yeah Em and yours (CY) humor kind of matches up… but I am one of those who thinks " too many cooks spoils the broth"

We can contribute by giving ideas/news tho… Writer (Editor I should say :roll_eyes:) should be either Em or Cy…

I would have thought that Locusta was as good a name as any for a no holds barred poison pen journalist. However, I’m guessing you want something dirty. :thinking:

Or you can just post to the forum! Honestly, we had just 4 threads this week. We need more gossip-worthy banter. Secret love children, murder mysteries, UFO encounters, personal projects going live, etc.

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Not necessarily! I’m thinking more in line with those on Brass Eye (I fear most of BE’s content is too risque for this forum, however, so no YT vids)

It is a bit problematic that there are so few posts; it naturally invites the glare of unwanted attention on prolific flouncers.


Can’t think why. :thinking:

Oh yes, I know. :frowning_face:

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I was unable to think of a good name, but I did just consult a good friend of mine, Rod Stiffman, who would be more than happy to a_sist you in your journalistic duties. His parents were cruel, as you can see.

Rod has told me that he will not be joining the forum, as he believes that would damage his journalistic integrity, but he believes that his eagle eye for the personal foibles of others (gleaned over a 1.5-month internship at TMZ) as well as his Udemy certificate in Forum Journalism 100 (Pre-Elementary) give him the credentials - and journalistic nous - to make the MyBuzz Newsletter the latest new yellow tabloid journalism sensation on the internet.

He’s a bit of a dork though. Just kidding, Rod! Hopefully this gig will help you to move out from your place under the bridge :frowning:

Yes I went back to my old ways and went the dirty route. So easy - so good - so satisfying. Randy Trucker was also taken, so there is that. Not even joking. Hosts a show. I didn’t fact check, mind; this is why I couldn’t possibly help you. I wouldn’t want to besmirch your brilliant newsletter with my lazy journalism, not when I know a true pro!

This post was edited to remove a hiding a*s.

This post was edited again as Randy - I mean Rod - wanted me to send you his byline pic, as he is a real journalist and so he has one. It is admittedly a bit dated, but his byline photographer was killed in a tragic accident involving ants and bottle warmers, and he hasn’t found someone to replace him yet.



Oh, my gosh! I’m dying here! That was so good, Cy! I :heart: it.

Okay, so what we’ve figured out is that we in the USA are a bit of a “goody two shoe” when it comes to saucy words.

Funny, considering I write eRom Thrillers! :slight_smile:


Okay, trying to figure out how to expand the size thing!

That is ASSUMING, you all like to use gif files that are larger than 4096 KB! :wink:

I just go for the funny ones and I am longwinded… :frowning: Still though, they let you click through so it’s better than nothing.

Thank you for the roast, DEAR sir!

@cyaxrex next week give me a note prior publishing it. I would layout it like a tabloid. :slight_smile: