Help! (20 blessed characters)

There are 5 movies I want to see that are not on either Netflix or Amazon’s Prime Videos.

#1: Creed
#2: Fast and Furious 6,7 and 8
#3: Deadpool

Any idea where I can see them?

This is eerily like the average “how do I mek sell?” wail or pointless "can you do copywriting for my website."

That said, perhaps you are from a place which doesn’t have cinemas, the Internet, or entertainment media. In this case, I’ll be happy to help.

Firstly, type the words ’Cinemas showing (insert movie of choice) in (insert where you live)' into a Google search. This should quickly let you know what theaters locally will soon be playing your favorite men in tights movies.

Happy I could help! :slight_smile:

Eff off Cy…These are old movies, not in theaters anymore. That’s why I asked. Not on Netflix/Amazon Prime Videos either. I was wondering if there is another service like that where you can get that, like Hulu or something. Sure, I can get the DVDs on eBay, but don’t want to waste money on that.

Cheapskate. You can always sell them again after you’ve watched and ripped them.

Popcorn Time or Kodi - both illegal.