Hello, I'm New

I’m new :drooling_face:!

I’ve also almost completely forgotten how to use Discourse after an unfortunate incident involving Important People, the :fu: emoji, and a scattering of other unfortunate mishaps. I’ve plopped this into conversations as there is no category for certain types of people who wish to introduce themselves in the most useless way possible.

I am also an writor who is moderately successful on an internet platform which I can observe appears to be the spiritual home of others here. I’d say you probably know me, but that kind of thing gets one accused of being “arrogant,” which simply won’t do.

Anyway, I’d like to not talk about Indian politics in this thread, because that’s boring. Thx.


I have no idea who that is in my profile pic. She’s creepy.


Well, hello there Locusta.

Welcome to another Discourse forum. It’s good to see you. There are a few familiar faces here, slowly growing.

I’m on my phone so, keeping it short. I’ll post some confetti later on! :slight_smile:


I probably should have thought about the potential for being called Locusts deliberately/by autocorrect before selecting this name, but her life story and death were just too good…

EDIT: Is there any annoying new member 10 posts only thing on this platform too?

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Well, hello there! Nice to Finally meet you - you’re pretty much a legend, but I bet you already know that :wink: And if you dare pretend not to, we already know you know :eyes:

I’ve been part of the F forum for some many years, but took a long break before I rejoined so we basically never managed to meet keyboards because you were already gone by that time :pensive:

…and reddit? That place just gives me the creeps! It’s like a dark web in the open, with ‘open season’ signs all over the place :grimacing:

Love this! :joy:

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I will eventually guess who you are :thinking: Your use of the :eyes: emoji is interesting; I can only think of two not-so-regular posters who use it. But I’m doggish when it comes to finding things out…

Reddit is okay but basically dead unless memes have unfair things happen to them. Thankfully, most of the meksell posts are dealt with by automoderator, who I am a big fan of. He’s so dreamy and robotic in his duties! Also, you would be amazed at how many people don’t understand that reddit has literally banned ALL Flinks (blog, forum, gigs, whatever) because of bad behavior. I can unblock it case by case, but nah.

I literally told everyone “put some bloody effort into your promotion” and nobody did. Well, a couple did. Bah.

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You’ve already found secret hint #1 :eyes: :dog: could also be the last hint if you’re that good!

I’m experiencing similar things with Facebook, which for some reason keeps removing my posts that include fiverr forum links and some fiverr pages :roll_eyes:

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Then I know exactly who you are! You see, your eyes give you away. I think you (re)joined just after the :fu: incident when I was on read only but could write in PMs that I had been invited to. Anyway, I’ll share that jolly little hearthplace fire story another time…

Was not aware of the FB stuff - perhaps it feels that the forum is full of fake news? Or indeed, generally just rather dull since all the fun people got kicked out.


Well, look what the cat dragged in…

How on Earth did you find your way here @Locusta?

@RegiAdd, you may want to batton down the hatches now. I hope you have the server capacity to cope with how popular your forum is about to become, :slight_smile:


When I saw the famous profile of the infamous E, I was so excited to open this thread. Apparently, you exited the F forum sometime before I entered it last July. However, your reputation remained. MC talks of missing you off and on and a few others too, but I cannot remember who.

I too had unfortunate “mishaps” in the form of :white_flag::s and I did not get “regular” status until recently. (I tend to have an issue with being politically correct or in that case, F forum correct. :roll_eyes:

So good to finally good to meet you keyboard to keyboard as Raz says. :desktop_computer: :wave:


Darn it, darn eyes :eyes:

So true :pensive:

@RegiAdd What do you think the odds are of this forum being tracked down & watched by F, pardon, big brother? :eyes:


What? You’ve been flagged? How? Did you offer to bake cookies for the wrong person?

Don’t feel bad about the lack of regular badge. I haven’t got it after 5-years!


That’s a very funny story, @henryboyd, which involved me stumbling on a lot of celebrity bums and boobs in an effort to find my tribe.

@glacierlily the “old” forum (pre-discourse) was a lot more liberal in what was allowed and what wasn’t. It was also full of Indian and Chinese spam, so swings and roundabouts. I just couldn’t stop being rude to people (hey, it’s fun, especially when they take it seriously) so I eventually was locked away in a closet. I also probably know who you are :wink:

@razvan I’m not sure what the chances are of being found tbh. The current community manager doesn’t seem terribly invested in maintaining the community unless its to tooth a horn about something nobody wanted or asked for after a PR disaster, only to disappear when someone asks how exactly they’re meant to use it.

The best solution is never to use the F-word (not that one, the other one). Because if they do have a tool to search and destroy, it’s probably some sort of reputation management one, right? Besides (and no offence intended, Reg), this forum isn’t likely to be on their radar!

I’ve of course violated that rule, so I’ll go rectify it.


Well, there was one Mek Sell that . . . Never mind. :zipper_mouth_face:

Thanks to Raz, I use the :eyes: emoji too.

I am curious if a user has been banned from the F Forum, how do they still see it? :thinking:

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You have to sort thru the meksell trash and there’s no convenient “link to last post read in a thread”. If you accidentally click the heart, it says you’re not allowed to log in until 3017 (lol). Bit excessive, I thought.

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But it was so darn static compared to this fancy instantly-updating tech-filled platform :grin: you had to wait for the whole page to reload after publishing even a single-word post.

Careful, it’s super contagious!


I wouldn’t bother about editing the F word from posts. It will eventually get used more as this place becomes used more. I found this forum after Googling ‘cyaxrex fiverr.’ I wasn’t searching for it and there is no way to implement blanket bans on certain words unless @RegiAdd wants to go the F forum censorship route.

Personally, I like this place because it is free.

Edit: Also, as recent events have shown us, those who are part of strong, public communities when F does pull the rug from under them, are more likely to land on their feet! :wink:



She could block Google from indexing all the content we write here :eyes:

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Heh, I did that once and discovered I was a minor celebrity for a week on a Nigerian forum that didn’t like me very much (I didn’t join).


I did that once, too, and landed on a blackhatforum where I saw how scammers were talking about me, how to scam me and get free work - it was too much to see! :grimacing:

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