Hellllo 👽


I am old, but not an oldie I guess? Forum Doc? :thinking: Hum?

How did you know my name was Vickie?


By oldies I meant, very first users of 5r forum before it was being hit by a meksell tsunami wave.

Creepy, isnt it… :space_invader:


And how did they know Investors Reddit name was Devil? Reddit’s about as upbeat as the Jonestown orange juice after party.

I sense we have been infiltrated… :scream:


You bet…

Muhahahaha… :smiling_imp:


I took my name off of my profile weeks ago. I only used this user name on one other Forum :thinking: Are your initials JB?


Bah! nope not baasman… In fact, We (me and him) werent too friendly…


So you aren’t our German translator.

Did we went on a mutual mek sel killing sphere?


Ahhh Many times. :smiling_imp:

It was more fun than playing video games. :wink:




Now who was sarah, Freak… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


You said you weren’t Saddu. I guess Freaky is out as well.


I take my Hat and bow…




So, does that mean you are Saddu, the writer? :thinking:



Anyways guys, it was fun fooling around with you guys.

Talk later…Night.


Dang it, i had a 50% feeling that this might be you. I don’t think we have ever communicated before tho? :thinking:

Anyway, this would be a great platform to do so! :grin:
Good night!


I am happy you found us!


Well, I tried to pin you down by searching official F forum posts for phrases like ‘tsk’ which you were using here. Saddu was one of the top 5 users of this phrase. BUT you had already said this wasn’t you!

Tsk, Tsk, Tsk…

That said, you are forgiven. Welcome to the Dark Side. May we ask, though, how you found us?


It’s either Sadu or Nika. Welcome :slight_smile: