Hellllo 👽


Well who doesnt. I love crystals but that doesnt mean I know how to play with them. :crystal_ball:


If you have met the Egyptian than you have met me because I have been on the Dark Side Forum at least as long as he has. :thinking:

Someone was me before me! :scream:

What a mod broke into your PM? Or were you a member of the secret lounge?


Are you German?


nicht wirklich…


Well, my guesses are Nika, a writer who is currently in OOO mode, the artist formerly known as an offline helper of sorts, the reddit user formerly known as thatfiverrgirl, or a Hungarian with a passion for dogs.

Cold? Hot? Lukewarm?


Scratch all that. Are you a Japanese cartoon artist?


Meh… Nope, none of them. you have disappointment me. :expressionless:

Anyways don’t put too much stress on your tiny human brain. :brain:


Are you a Fiverr Mod?


Gah, I’d like to cut my wrists than be a mod of that sheetland with silly rules.


I though it was either Saddu or the Hungarian lady with dogs. Nika uses different emojis.


Are you a mek sel hater?

Who isn’t duh.


Then I will have to give up. Your language patterns (as far as I can see) only match a few people I know off. Either you are disguising your usual turn of phrase, we do not know each other, or you are some kind of winter solstice+full moon mutation of discobot.

I shall let someone more clever than me attempt to unmask you.


well I’ll vouch for that. I think YOU dont know me. its not vice versa tho.


a mek sel serial killer to be more precise…?


How about a hint? :thinking:


Forum Official Doctor. :woman_technologist:


Are you Texan and do you keep cats?


smh CY…

you just gave up… it was one of your best decisions you know… :roll_eyes:


Now it’s more complicated :rofl:
How about a second hint, pleeeease.


That emoji next to it WAS the second it…

Let the oldies chim in and they will guess it in a sec…