Hellllo 👽


Hi Everybaaady, So thats where you all have been hiding? Such a cool hide out. :smiley_cat:

Anyways, Cheers to everyone.

Are the 20 boring characters thingy here too or we finally got rid of it. :roll_eyes:

Btw, Whats Writer/Devil/ValueInvestor’s 2019 New Year resolutions? Are they gonna be still the same as they were since past idk how many years.

  • Regular Gym
  • No Twitter
  • Vacation


P.S Hi Modi bhai… :hibiscus:


Hello stranger!

Nice to have you here. The Devil is a mysterious soul - he does the thing that he does, bit bummed since the last election. :frowning:

I think it’s 10 or 5 boring characters here! I can’t remember.

So far, we get along really great. The newbies haven’t found this forum yet, so there are no spams (YAHOO!) and therefore no flags! Although, the system did secretly flag a few posts for some naughty words :face_with_raised_eyebrow: !

Let your hair down and enjoy. I’m tied up for a few hours so I’ll see y’all.


Is this mysterious person, the one I have been trying to covertly invite here on the Dark Side Forum? :thinking: The one who has all but disappeared from the that forum? The one who loves to use emojis? :wink:



She was you before you. :slight_smile:

We had an all :girl: PM started by her, which included the one you been trying to get for a while - among a few more! The was way in the heydays - ahh, the fun we had! :confetti_ball:

Just taking a stroll down memory lane. :slight_smile:


Hi vickie. :slight_smile:

I dont really remember if you’d know me… I wasnt among the really nice people of the forums. A mod called me bad cop once in reggie lounge. :smile:

Ahh… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

P.S i am getting a badge every second. :sunglasses: Yo, wait and watch guys, imma get all the badges and then I’ll be your mod. :smiling_imp:


Does TheFreaky now you? :smirk:

Anyways, it would be fun having you here, whoever you are.


Really well. :wink:

Hi Gamer boy. Howdy?


I am still not sure. Actually, I am thinking between two people.


Typical alien. First they disguise themselves as humans. Then they start plotting to take over. We’ll have none of that, thank you.

I have no idea who you are. Neither do I have time to play guess who. For this reason, you shall now be called, Dave. You are 28, married but with no children, and offer VO services on Fiverr which mimic the voice of Gloria Gaynor.

I hope you do not find transitioning to your new identity too stressful.


At the beginning, i thought so too. But seems like not.

Anyway, Greetings, my fellow alien. :alien:


Okay, so have we ever “met?”


tsk Cy, you’ll never change.
I bet you must be terrible at “Who am I” in your childhood or may be nobody ever invited you for that.

Naah, its you earth people who are too fragile. We at mars have high tolerance genes for minor problems like stress. :sunglasses:


HI Handsome Egyptian… Hope you are doing well. :rose:


Shoot. Let me see how good you are at this.


Not really sure… I think may be… :nerd_face:


What about me, did we ever communicate before? :thinking: (If you could recognize the name)

I have two names in mind as well, a bit suspicious. :male_detective:


Yes yousuf I think we did. But then again not everyone has a good memory like me. :wink: So cant expect you to remember.


Having spent the years before my rescue locked in a small cage under the stairs, no I didn’t play many board games.

By your vernacular, I’d say you are female. Your hood also tells me you have a thing for all that witching and wizarding stuff.

Tell me, did a house with a small girl from Kansas insider ever fall on a green colored distant relative of yours? This could help narrow things down.


Wow you are good.

Nope. Mars is pretty peaceful unlike your suffocated oxygen deficient planet.


Does that mean you like crystals?