Have you ever . .


  1. Have you ever accidentally sent a text message to the wrong person?

  2. Have you ever accidentally sent a message to the wrong client on a freelance form?

  3. Have you ever accidentally sent an email, at work or personal, to the wrong person?


  1. Yes, but nothing embarrassing so I can’t really remember what the content was about.

  2. Nope, never sent a wrong message to a seller! Whew! :slight_smile:

  3. No, but I sent a bcc to someone and that person replied all - geesh, that ended up being really embarrassing! :blush:

Your turn, have you ever . . .

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Always. :weary: (some very embarrassing stories)

Nope… I am VERY careful about that.

Nope mainly because I am not used to emails etc… A year ago, I didn’t even know how gmail actually works (maybe I still dont know)…

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Never, I always check 2-3 times where phone messages will go to before hitting the send button #OCD

Yup, whenever I got bombarded with messages from multiple users / clients I tend to lose track of who is who - if I could I would reply to them at the same time, but physically I can’t, so I rush to be as fast as possible in replies and… :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh yes, although not really accidental, but rather “accidental”, as in intentional little fluffy mistakes :grin: but we all know that there are no mistakes in life - there are just happy little accidents :slight_smile:

You seriously gonna leave us hanging? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Pish posh, you young 'un! :wink:

:dog2: Woof Woof Woof - why does a dog always bark trice?

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Yes to all of the above. My biggest gaff to date, though, was sending and article titled something like “The Importance of Hymen Insurance in Miami Dade FL”

It was supposed to be home insurance and I was too tired to see what auto-correct was doing.

In my old job, my worst gaff was sending an internal job application to my then group manager, who a day before I had promised I would not be quitting anytime soon. (The job opportunity literally appeared at the last-minute and was a killer opportunity.)

I also broke up with the wrong girlfriend via text when I was a teenager. That was awkward. She was very forgiving. However, shortly after I accidentally called her during a drunken bedroom fraternization with the other girl. That kind of sealed things for that relationship.

It wasn’t all bad, though. Eventually they teamed up as friends after realizing that there was nobody they could talk to but each other about how much they hated me. They have apparently been best of friends ever since. :slight_smile:

The obsession with the numbers 3/6/9 is commonly associated with superstition and/or OCD.

I know that dogs have superstitions - like when their master leaves house, for the dog it will mean they leave forever, even though their master comes back every single time. Although it might not be superstition but rather a lack of trust? :thinking: Given that my dog always sniffs the food before eating it, it could be a lack of trust :no_mouth:

As for OCD, well, I’ve learned that many dogs have some sort of autism :eyes:

P.S. fun fact: my dog always drinks in sets of 3 tonguefuls, with slight breaks in between :smiley:

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Once I had a friend (sam) whose company was very annoying. To sit next to her during exams was worse because she would always be asking to show her answers/MCQs. Not that she was dumb but she didn’t want to lose a single mark. Exams were coming up and I really wanted to make sure she does not sit next to me. So I typed this huge text message to my other friend explaining to her why I want her to come early next day so that she sits next to me and sam don’t get a chance to sit near me. I specifically stated how painful it is to sit with Sam as she won’t let you write a single answer in peace and of course, I can’t complain to the teacher because Sam is a FRIEND.

Anyways, all good until I sent the message. Yep, you get it right. I sent THAT message to SAM… :zipper_mouth_face:


I knew you were a bad boy! :laughing: Nothing brings around a friendship like mutual hate! :rofl: :rofl:

He’s probably hoping for a ribeye or something yummier than dog food! :grin:

:scream: Oh, how awful!

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