Have You Ever Had a Buyer Like

I’m having a horrid day trying to explain everything in as simple as possible terms to a buyer who I am now giving up on and pausing a gig so they can’t order.

It has all been very stressful. However, I found this just now which I think is an expert representation of some of the leanest of entrepreneurs:


:tired_face: :rofl: :laughing:

I think everyone has worked with someone like this! Sometimes it’s easier to talk to the brick wall!!!

Dang it - where is Razzy? He’s the champion of finding all the right meme’s and/or gif files!

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Yep, everyone has to deal with these and worse :grimacing: I wish there was a feature on F that would show me the personality test results of each buyer :smiley:

Do you know what I do when I have to deal with such buyers? Either this:

Or this:

Don’t ask, just try it yourself :smiley:

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I once had a buyer, which asked me to change the spelling - which was already correct. Her revision request was “Wrong spilling please change”. Although, I assume she used English-based Creole as she was somewhere from the Caribbean Islands.

I have a buyer right now who wants me to use keywords like ‘glucosamine joint supplements’ and ‘male labido supplements’ in his super amazing herbal health store about page. He wants the word ‘labido’ using, despite me pointing out that this is an incorrect spelling. He is also very insistent that I mention glucosamine throughout his content, despite the fact that none of the supplements he sells contain glucosamine.

Basically, the buyer is a nut job. One who by the looks of things, thinks he has built his entrepreneurial empire which will never happen on lots of trashy $5 orders. They can’t see how awful their site looks, how crazy their brand name is, nor what they might be doing wrong by advertising products they sell as products they don’t sell, to a target market of people who can’t spell.

In short, the commonsense void is terrifying.

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