Happy New Year 2019


Hello teacher from Scotland, it’s good to have you back here. :slight_smile:


How’re you doing my freaky fiend?

They put an episode of ‘Still Game’ on here for New Year’s Eve - you’d have enjoyed it! One more series to go before it’s finished. :slightly_frowning_face:


That’s a minoan mistake to make. No, Locusta is a famous Roman poisoness. I’ve never poisoned anyone knowingly in my life, of course - except for those times I disregard my health and eat out of date food.


Gotcha - my mistake - how are you woofy complete stranger I’ve never met before? :slightly_smiling_face:


I haven’t watched the NYE’s episode. A couple of moths ago Netflix had served me with the 7th season it was good as always. Perhaps, the would upload those episodes once the 8th season airs in the UK. :slight_smile:


Season 9 due to be aired here in February.


Oh look who’s here! :heart_eyes: Welcome to the “cool kids” hideout, i guess. :joy:

We’re only only missing Nika and Eoin now to get the party started! :tada:




Holy Hogmanay, Lorna’s in the house!! :grin:


Scottie pinwheel - my favourite! :purple_heart:


Sussed it now! Hello my pepper friend and a very Happy New year! :purple_heart::slightly_smiling_face:


Was I being too subtle with Minoan? I found a nice facepalming Minoan statue (but even I knew that was too subtle). Here it is, anyway. She is topless, as was the fashion at the time, but thankfully we are spared her graven shame by her inadvertent, sighing modesty:


Nah - it fits now, but I was still carried away with SPQR, but that fits now as well!

Hope you’re doing grand BTW!


Same as always :slight_smile: