Happy New Year 2019


2018 was a tough year for the country, with Bharat Bandhs and all that…(remember the one we had even in Bangalore in September 2018 to protest rising petrol prices, falling rupee and the impending collapse of the Indian economy?) but ends on a happy note. Just a pick of the finance/economy headlines from December 2018.



I know many of us have what I call a “negativity bias” when it comes to our country, but sometimes it’s good to be happy and satisfied with the way things are going. Honestly, this is the best our country has ever been. Once again, I wish everyone a Happy New Year 2019. :slight_smile:

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I wish everyone Happy and busy in terms of work New Year. :smile:


Happy New Year Everyone… :gift_heart:



Well, I still have 12 more hours until New Year! I’ll have to find a good gif or meme!

Anyone like to take a bet on who will be up to celebrate N. Y. and who will be in :sleeping_bed: before the midnight hour???




I’ll be up for your New Year (time-wise). It’s blowing a gale here and freezing so I’ve removed myself from an invitation to follow everyone to the citadel. I’ll just be having a boring new year wrestling with my website and be walking the dog 12-hours from now, counting down the minutes before I break my new years resolution to stop smoking.

Thay said, I did completely give up caffiene this year!

BTW What are everyone’s new year’s resolutions?

My serious ones are to:

  • Finish my website and make at least $1K in profit from it in 2019
  • Revitalize my creative writing career
  • Move countries
  • Get a 6-pack and keep it. This year I got there but a week later, rediscovered my love of cheese :frowning:


I know @CroftGirl will be up because she doesn’t believe in sleep ringing in 2019! :grin:

@razvan may or may not be up - depending on if the :owl: are still at his place making noises outside! :grin:

@glacierlily has already started celebrating, reasons why she is so quiet today.

@TheFreaky will be snuggled next to his girl by the fireplace sipping hot liquor (of some sort) but up at midnight

@JoeKamel is already at the party zone with his friends and will be up toasting the N. Y.

@Value_Investor, who has removed his studly picture, for some odd reason, will be up - but not to celebrate the new year, but to finish up a client order and lastly,

@Locusta has been celebrating nonstop in the past 12 hours and still going strong - she may pass out by midnight tomorrow! :joy:

@cyaxrex, will change his mind and go to the citadel and live it up with one last :smoking: before giving it up for good.

As for me, I’ll be up drinking Champagne or is in Champlain - I can never remember which is which - ringing in the New Year, while revamping this forum! :champagne:


Wrong, I will spend it at home. Most probably with Netflix or gaming - and getting to bed early. For Valentines Day, I do have a date arranged with “Beyond Two Souls”, a game which I wanted to finish since always, but didn’t have the time and it is second in my queue at the moment. :sweat_smile:

I was supposed to go out with my friends on a party which takes place outside in an open area, but I don’t like going out in the cold weather.


Yeah, I’m wearing two jumpers, have my hood up, and have the oven on full blast at the moment. (It’s more economical than my gas heater of certain death due to CO2 poisoning.)

Btw, you do realize that Valentines Day is in February and about putting on your best Casanova swagger, not dreaming about gaming. - Has society really disintegrated so much already?

Giving up smoking isn’t going to happen, sorry. If anyone snatches my fags, they’ll be dead by morning. They’re my last guarantee that I won’t survive long enough to die in a nursing home.

One big cough at 45, and I’ll simply float up to finally meet all the William Morris angels waiting to take me to Smoker Heaven. (It’s like everyone else’s Heaven but they only admit cool people like the Marlboro cowboy.) :slight_smile:


My backlog of games is insane. You are right though, but I am actually a kinda introvert, gaming is always a great choice. :smirk:


J[quote=“RegiAdd, post:6, topic:215”]
@glacierlily has already started celebrating, reasons why she is so quiet today.

Ahh, Gina, you forgot it is Monday and not only Renzo but Romy is here since she does not have school.

We fired up the fireplace and roasted marshmallows and then made smores! For those who are not in the know about smores, they are roasted marshmallows and chocolate between two graham crackers. The hot marshmallows melt the chocolate and it is a gooey yet crunchy delight!


We are heading to the distillery where my son works this evening. They have special prices on drinks, music and free appetizers to celebrate their anniversary.

I find that to be sad.

Two of my sons and all of my grandchildren would agree with you!


I have a very long-living family. Longevity isn’t about living a long happy life. It is inevitably about being the last one left in a world full of uncaring strangers.

I loved my grandparents and great-grandparents dearly, but I don’t wish to go the same way they did. It was sad.

Of course, if society does a back-flip and becomes more caring by the time I’m old, maybe I’ll change my mind. - Or I could just hedge my bets by sowing a lot of seed. :slight_smile:


Happy New Year y’all! :blush:


You mean, exam zone. :sob: Had my first mid-year exam today and there we go, my exams start!

For NYE, me and my friends were actually planning to head to an event in our area but unfortunately, all the events had alcoholic beverages & people getting drunk which is something i don’t like to be around. So just like Freaky, i ended up gaming and blasting music through my headphones to get me hyped up and that’s how my NYE went out.

:fireworks: Happy New Year to all of you! :fireworks:

Looking forward to the revamped forum :eyes:


Isn’t alchohol illegal in Egypt?


It wasn’t when I was there. There are a lot of Christians in Egypt and Christians love a tipple. Then there is the tourist trade. Alcohol isn’t ubiquitously available, but it is available. All you have to watch out for are these holy men who can show up and decide to live in your building entrance out of the blue.

These people kind of keep an eye on the morality of everyone coming and going. In this case, it’s not a good idea to stumble home at 3am with a French girl you’ve just met. - There won’t be any consequences, but your reputation might suffer. (At least that was how I had it explained to me.)

Of course, there isn’t a big drinking culture. That’s kind of replaced with coffee and Shisha.

Egypt is actually a fun place. However, I can only really speak from experiences in and around Cairo.


Not at all. There’s a lot of stores here that sells alcoholic beverages to the public.


I wish… lol. But a belated HNY to all!


Belated happy New Year everybody! :sunny:

Got an invitation to come and say ‘hello’ - hope you’re all doing well! :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello, sir! :wink:


Haven’t quite worked out who everybody is yet, but from ‘SPQR’ would I be right in thinking you might be my Italian friend (from my Latin classes more years ago than I care to remember!)? :slightly_smiling_face: