Greetings all!


Hey guys, it is always a pleasure to catch up with you, especially on a place like this where the “big brother” doesn’t look.

@Value_Investor - I miss you on the other forum. Obviously, the mods didn’t like your politically incorrect posts. Anyways, I am the guy that you did the LinkedIn write-ups for, the college student.

@razvan - Your one and only anti-meksel #SouthEastEuropean buddy.

I invited our proofreader lady friend from the mountainous state, she hasn’t seen the message but she would definitely signup here.

Actually, it’s obvious who am I. The username says everything.

Had anyone of you used the Baasman’s forum? I now that Nika and Lorna used it.

Oh, and it won’t be me if I didn’t ask you “how to mek sell”.


Oh that’s my little bro from Macedonia :slight_smile:


That’s fine :slight_smile:


Man, the other forum become crazy, it’s full of crap and heavily moderated. Plus, it’s the same old ■■■■ with stupid posts. I am glad that we would be able to discuss here a lot of more interesting stuff without fearing the ban hammer. :slight_smile:


I always restricted myself there, could never say what I really felt. I’m glad to be out of there. If what I said there was politically incorrect, the poor dears have no idea…LOL…

But the one I’m most disappointed in is Emmaki. Anyway, forget about it. The thing about me is I always move on and never look back, good or bad.


Well, never looking back and moving on is always the best tactic to do. I do get a lot of flags there, for basic things.

I hate, when some of the members play innocent, like they are so correct, and every stupid thing is offensive to them. It’s really nice to interact with everyone here.


:smiley: Welcome, the killer pengu’s been wondering if you’ll get invited, glad to see you around here as well! :grin:

I wish she does, she’s an experienced teacher and we need her expertise (and obviously to calm down our kid spirits once in a while :sweat_smile: )

Actually, Google is indexing all these posts and words as we speak, until @RegiAdd finds a way to block Google from spilling everything we say on their search engine :eyes: So big brother can still find you :smiley:


I am sure she would be delighted to join. She joined the Baasman’s forum, but I rarely use it.


Baasman has a forum? Which one? Let me say hello.



Dang, I didn’t know Jon had a forum. I just checked it out. It’s nice and slick.

I wonder when he started that? :thinking:

Nice to have you here, Freaky!



I am here too! But alas Renzo wants to paint so I will be back later. :wink: Thanks Freaky for inviting me. :heart_eyes:


Welcome aboard Vickie!:beers::beers: